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Sister Time

My little sister Emily and I have an unofficial tradition, where we go see new movies, when possible, on opening night at the midnight release. Thursday/Friday we will be able to add The Hunger Games to our list of movies watched during our sister-time.

We’ve managed to see most of Twilight and Harry Potter series this way, and I always look forward to spending some time with my little sister, even if it means watching something I may not want to see if I was on my own. Having read all of the books in each of the series, I was always more excited for the Potter movies, but will admit that the vampire/werewolf ones weren’t as awful as I expected.  This time, I think we are both equally excited about The Hunger Games.

For once, I’m going to keep my entry short, as I have a long day ahead of me, and don’t want to babble on forever about how excited I am about this movie. So much that I may have also planned to see it a second time with a different group of friends on opening weekend… and I’m aware that admitting this just adds on to my nerd-status.

I might be completely useless the next day, and I’m sure the late night will not be beneficial for her either, but that’s why coffee exists. Also, do high schoolers really need a good night’s sleep?

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