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How Connected Is Too Connected?

The other day while listening to music, a song came on that made me think of today’s subject.

The song happened to be called “Slice,” by Five for Fighting, and the catchy tune, along with the subject of the song made me do a little thinking about how technology has impacted this generation, and myself. One of my favorite lines from that song is “Have you read my blog today,  300 million little USA’s, Your doorstep is just a click away, We’ll get together one of these days.” This line really makes me wonder, will this ever really happen, this “all getting together one day”?

It seems like just about everyone I know has a smart phone, and is signed up for some kind of social network. I have noticed in myself that lately, I’m way more connected to different social networks and it seems like I am constantly doing something on my phone.

I know that at times, I’m guilty of paying attention to what is happening on the screen of my iPhone instead of what  is happening around me. Also, until recently, I was someone who had not just one smart phone, but two (work and personal). I finally made the decision to give up one, and it is so freeing to only carry one device around now.

I did a quick bit of research about social networks and smart phone users and the amount of people connected to just Facebook and Twitter surprised me. Facebook has over 250 million daily users, and Twitter reports around 175 million subscribers. I knew the answer would be high, but didn’t think it would be quite a large number… I can’t even fathom what 175 million or 250 million people assembled together would look like. As for the smart phone users, it’s estimated that about 35% of Americans use some type of smart device, either as a phone or tablet.

With so many people being connected to social networks and having access to the internet just about anywhere, I must ask, at what point is being connected to the internet too connected? Is this constant connection and access to information making us lazy and making it harder to actually form connections with  people?

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