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My Newest Guilty Pleasure

I’m a little ashamed to admit this, but this week, I am guilty of watching reality tv in the form of an entire episode of The Bachelor… and I may have liked it a little. Normally, I am opposed to all of the reality tv and all of the hoopla that follows these types of shows, but my enjoyment of the show stems more from the experience of watching it with some new girlfriends than the show itself.

A Little Gem Courtesy of Pinterest... And this is the current Bachelor, Ben

I came to the show pretty late in the game, as this season is almost over (about 3 left I think), and what a first episode to watch! If you’ve never seen this show before either, here’s a little recap… By this point, the guy has whittled the pool down to just 3 ladies, and they each get something called a “dream vacation” and later in the evening, a romantic dinner, with the option of staying the night together. The girls I was with fondly refer to this one as the “sex-isode,” and as all of the women agreed to the overnight stay, I’d have to agree that it’s a pretty good description.

Maybe I’m a little more reserved than these women, but I think it is kind of trashy to go on national tv hunting for your Mr. Right, and then sleep with a guy who is most likely also sleeping with 2 other women. Or maybe I’m just being too judgmental, and they are wonderful women who really do feel a deep connection, and dare I say love him enough already to be okay with a more or less open sexual relationship. I can’t even remember the names of the women, but distinguished the final 3 as “blonde girl,” “brunette girl with the messed up smile,” and “mean brunette girl.” From the behaviors shown by each woman, I can understand why the show is a success for ABC.

Anyway, the concept of the show and the content wasn’t really even the best part of the night. The best part was just spending some quality girl time with a new group of friends. The commentary we kept going during the show was quite interesting, which is expected when 4 women get together with dinner, wine, and ridiculous tv.  A normally boring Monday doesn’t get much better than that to me, and while I may not go every week to watch and gossip, it’s nice to know that the option to go exists.

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