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Something Interesting I Learned Today

One of my favorite restaurants is NachoMama’s, a tex-mex place on Manchester Road, in Rock Hill. It’s one of those smaller “hole in the wall” type places, and if you’ve never been, you are missing out.

Their menu has many tasty sounding options, such as fish tacos, a variety of burritos, and even rotisserie chicken, but my favorite is the spinach enchilada. Something else I really enjoy ordering is the nacho chips, which are served in a terra cotta flower pot, and although that may seem odd, it fits with the cantina atmosphere of the restaurant.

Today, while out at another Mexican restaurant and talking about different places, I discovered that the drive-thru at NachoMama’s strangely has to-go margaritas and beer available. This idea just struck me as both odd and interesting, as I thought open containers were pretty much frowned upon and illegal.

It makes me wonder what other places in the area have this type of service available, and how they are able to get around the laws in place to prevent drinking and driving. I definitely plan I do a little more research on this topic when I’m not sitting in a crowded movie theater (waiting for the show to start) and writing from an app on my phone.

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