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Two Types Of Employees

On a daily basis, people I work with make decisions that I do not necessarily agree with, and I think in part this is because there are two types of employees. 

1. Those who are people driven, and will go above and beyond to help out our customers.

2. Those who are numbers driven, and work within the company goals to follow the rules when making decisions.

Most of my daily tasks are spent communicating with customers and addressing their technical issues/difficulties, so my job is mainly customer service. In the past, I would have said that I am one of those employees who are people driven, but lately, I’ve seen a shift in my work style, and have been more focused on doing what is right for the company.

Don’t get me wrong, I do genuinely want to help the people who I see coming in, but sometimes, it just gets to be a little ridiculous when the same people make a visit with the same issues once a week or more. At some point, I think it’s only fair to ask them what their “end game” is with so many repeat visits. Maybe that’s a little rude to ask, but I think after someone who has been educated multiple times about an issue keeps continuing to do the same thing (and have the same negative result from the action), it’s only fair to ask why they keep coming back to complain if they already know what they are doing is wrong.

I try to keep my mouth shut when I see people making decisions I don’t agree with, or wait until I can sit down with them on-on-one and ask what their reasoning was, but sometimes I can’t help myself and have started arguments leading to hurt feelings or resentment until one of us takes the time to apologize.

I sometimes have a hard time admitting that I am wrong, especially when I know  my solution is technically the better one, but I guess sometimes a compromise is necessary to maintain good working relationships. The hardest part is I tend to follow rules/policies as there has to be a reason for them to exist, which I’m sure irritates those who are on the side of being more people driven.

I’m not sure when I made the shift to being one of the people who are focused on numbers and company goals, and have been trying to find the balance between the two types. I don’t think either of these types is better than the other, but have found that getting a balance and maintaining it is a difficult task. With all of that being said, is one of these types the better one to strive to become?

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