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3D: Is It Really Worth The Hype?

Over the past few years, the whole idea of 3D has seemed to get a lot more popular than I expected. I thought for sure it was just another fad, and would go away after a few months. I’m not an expert at all on the subject of 3D in movies and televisions, but it seems like this trend isn’t going away. 

I’ve only watched one film in 3D (the latest of the Transfomers movies), and honestly I wasn’t all that impressed with the addition of some 3D scenes that didn’t add anything spectacular to the story. Sure, it was cool to see some special effects “jumping” out of the screen, but was the added ticket price, and having to wear glasses to watch the movie really worth it? Probably not.

With the re-release of Titanic coming out later this week in 3D, I’m a little curious to see what new and exciting changes will be present in a movie I’ve already seen way too many times. It isn’t on the top of my “must see movie list,” but I still might go see it, just to see how they managed to create 3D scenes in a movie that was filmed years ago. If I do, I’m most certainly not looking forward to wearing the glasses… but at least they have come a long way from the original paper versions with the blue and red lenses.

As far as having the technology at home, I just don’t see that as anything I would ever want or need. I’m not in the market for a new television, as I barely watch the one I have anymore (thanks to Netflix and the ability to watch shows online) and it was hard enough for me to jump on the Blu Ray bandwagon, so the thought of once again going out and buying new components and having to buy special versions of movies makes me cringe a little.

Also, the cost and hassle of having a 3D home theater setup just doesn’t seem like it would be worthwhile. In addition to the new tv, new DVD/Blu Ray Player, and the actual movies, you also have to factor in how many pairs of the glasses to purchase, and then keep them charged, or get a tv that doesn’t require glasses which only drives the cost up further.

Usually, I’m all for any new advancement in technology, but for some reason 3D just isn’t my thing. Maybe one day when it’s no longer the “cool thing,” I’ll see some value in it, but for now, I’ll stick with what I have and possibly see the occasional 3D film in theaters.

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