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A Good Read

My vacation is finally coming to an end and I’m back at work tomorrow, and while my orignal goals for this vacation may have changed quite a bit, I do not regret the course it went. I was able to still do quite a bit, with taking a short trip to the beach, spending time with Mom, and having some time alone to focus on my hobbies of writing, biking and reading.  

Before heading out to the beach part of the trip, I asked advice on some good books to read and was given a list with some really great sounding options. I picked one (Replay), and absolutely loved it, but still had plenty of time left and selected another (The Passage). I was very glad that both were available to download as e-books, and ended up having the second sent to my Kindle while laying in the sun.

When I downloaded Replay, I had to force myself to not immediately start reading it, as the concept is quite interesting, and I knew once I started reading I would not be able to put it down. This book really made me think about what I would go back and change if given the opportunity, as the premise is about a select few people who are able to replay their lives starting from a certain point in their past, while still remembering what happens in the “future.”

I spent most of the day finishing up The Passage, as the story was extremely interesting and I was a little disappointed to learn that the next in the trilogy will not be released until October. The Passage was quite a lengthy read, and the style of it being broken into several parts to tell the story did take a little getting used to, but once I got to a certain point in the story (today) I realized that I was not going to be doing anything productive until I finished.

While both of these books were interesting to me, they were nothing at all alike, but I can’t remember getting so engrossed in any other book since I finished The Hunger Games trilogy over Christmas.  I’m not one to usually recommend things to read, as I know that not everyone has the same tastes or interests as me, but I think both are worth checking out. I feel it may be necessary to put a small disclaimer that both books do have some adult language and situations, as I know that my recommendation of The Time Traveler’s Wife awhile back was not the most well received by someone who thought it was too vulgar, which I still don’t quite understand.

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  1. It sounds like someone gives really good recommendations. He must be awesome! 🙂

    j/k I’m glad you like the books. EW Magazine recently featured the first chapter from the sequel to The Passage, which got me really excited for the release of the next book. Despite its massive size, it’s one of those books that is so densely detailed that I wish it wouldn’t end.

    • Katy says:

      Yes, someone does give good recommendations and is apparently also quite modest. 🙂
      There was an excerpt for The Twelve at the end of my copy, which only made me want to read the rest, so now I need to find something to hold me over until October.

  2. […] first was the sequel to a book (The Passage) I read over my spring beach vacation called The Twelve, and I just couldn’t get enough of […]

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