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Heels Vs. Stairs: One Of My Biggest Fears

Today's shoes

Terrifying Stairs

Today, I faced one of my biggest fears head on when getting ready to leave the house for church.

One of my biggest fears is falling, especially when it could involve a great distance, and possibly a lot of pain. I’ve never been the most graceful of people, and often will play a little game of “Where did that mystery bruise come from?” so the idea of falling down stairs while wearing heels really scares me. I don’t think this fear is unreasonable, as I may be one of the clumsiest people in the world (or at least that I know).  I try to make an effort not to bump into things, as I know that I bruise super easily, but somehow every couple of days I’ll find another mystery bruise (or five).

Like most women I love my shoes, and as I’m not super tall, I really enjoy wearing heels.  I just purchased a super cute pair of sling backs this week and I decided I would test drive them at church.

The situation was going down the dreaded steep stairs, which are quite common in older houses, while wearing said shoes which have a moderately high heel. I didn’t think anything of the combination until I actually started going down the stairs. For a few seconds, I was sure that a fall was imminent, and started picturing myself laying in a heap of broken bones at the bottom.  I ended up inching my way down, one slow step at a time while clutching the handrail with white knuckles and a feeling of panic in my chest. I’m fairly certain my 86-year-old grandma would have lapped me had she been there this morning. I made it to safety at the bottom, and breathed a huge sigh of relief- I survived the scary steep stairs injury free– this time.

When I think about it, most of the time I do a good job of keeping out of harm’s way, but I have had some close calls.

For example,  one scary situation I faced occurred the summer after I finished eighth grade, when I went on a backpacking trip with some of the kids in my church youth group. It still amazes me how I made it home in one piece. Over the course of a four-day hiking/backpacking excursion through the Ozark Mountains, I only had two major incidents: I managed to fall into an abandoned beaver dam, and also rolled down a big hill, which felt like a mountain at the time, wearing a 60 pound pack both times.

The beaver dam fall wasn’t a big deal, and the backpack probably saved me from falling completely in. I walked away with just a couple of scratches, and I found a cool walking stick in the process. The roll down the hill was a different story, as it happened to be covered in sticker bushes and thorny vines, so by the time I stopped at the bottom, my legs looked like someone had taken a cheese grater to them. I spent a good part of that summer confined to wearing long pants, and staying away from the neighborhood swimming pool until they were healed.  No one wants to be around the kid who looks like the result of an industrial accident.

Because of my past falls, every time I face a situation where I could potentially fall or be hurt, I will stop and pay closer attention to the task, even if it is something as simple as walking down a flight of stairs…. especially when wearing heels at the same time.

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