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Opening Night At The New Miami Marlins Stadium

For the first time ever, I attended an opening day baseball game, which also happened to be the first game at the new stadium in Miami. Having decided earlier in the week that I was heading to Florida for my vacation, and finding a good deal for the trip in Fort Lauderdale, it just made sense to get tickets to the game since I was going to be so close anyway.

I tried to take as many pictures as possible, but as our last minute tickets were in the standing room only section, some of them aren’t the greatest. Also, I took most of them with my cell phone, so the quality may also be a little sketchy.

Here are some of the best from tonight’s game:






I’m not sure what order they will display, but plan on going back and editing/adding captions when back at my laptop and not uploading from an app. 🙂




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