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Pet Peeve #4: Bathroom Etiquette

I have a few quirks about bathrooms, especially concerning shared ones.

My biggest gripe is relatively minor but I see it almost on a daily basis, which irritates me immensely: people not changing the toilet paper roll in shared bathrooms.

At work, there are between fifteen and twenty people and a shared restroom. It never fails that I will walk in and see the roll has run out and instead of throwing away the empty one and putting the new one on the holder, people just leave it balanced on top of the empty tube. I know I’m not the only person who sees this happening, but always seem to be the only person who will take out the time to complete this super simple task.

It only take about 30 seconds to switch it out and throw away the trash, so it baffles me that I see this happening multiple times a week.  It makes me wonder how the other people live/take care of their bathrooms at home, and if they are just as lazy there.

I’m not sure if my next issue is really a pet peeve, but I’m including it anyway: toilet paper roll must be placed so that paper comes over the top.

This is a pretty silly thing that bugs me, but when I see it any other way, I’ll go ahead and switch it around- even if I’m at someone else’s house. Thus far, I’ve never heard anyone complaining about my doing this, which I think means I can continue to change it around when I see it the wrong way.

My last little bathroom quirk isn’t a pet peeve at all, but is somewhat relevant as its how I prefer my own bathroom to look. If a toilet has a lid, the lid must be closed. I get as little creeped out when I walk by and see the seat down, but lid open and will go out of my way to stop and close it. I think this little fear comes from the Mythbuster’s episode where they tested how far water would travel when flushing the toilet, and I’m always paranoid that my toothbrush can be contaminated this way.

So there you have it, my list of bathroom etiquette pet peeves and fears. I don’t think any are all that crazy- except for maybe the closed lid thing.

Are there any other bathroom pet peeves or behaviors stranger than mine?

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