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Sister Time: Baseball Edition

This week I’ve had a couple of new and fun experiences while urban camping with my sister. We realized we aren’t really roughing it the first night while sitting side-by-side on an air-bed with our matching MacBook Pros. (Yes, I realize it makes me a little bit of a hipster to say the full name instead of just laptop.)

I feel a little bad, as I’ve run off to work each day while she is stuck cleaning up a house that has been well lived in by past renters for the last three years. Next week will be a different story, as I’m taking a few of my many vacation days to be her assistant on the menagerie of projects left to complete.

Tonight, we did get to have some fun sister time, and she was given a reprieve from housework. We were able to attend the Cardinals game, had great seats, and it was one of the best times I’ve ever had at a sporting event.

A couple of weeks ago I read a blog entry, by blogger extraordinaire Jamey, about why people attend live sporting events, and thought tonight’s experience was worth sharing while still fresh in my mind.

I haven’t always been the biggest sports fan, and am still pretty apathetic towards most sports, but Cardinal Baseball will always hold a special place in my heart. The game itself was quite entertaining, with multiple bases stolen, homeruns, fan madness and total domination of the Reds.

The best part however, was being able to sit with my older sister and just talk or crack jokes the entire time. I think this is the first time we’ve been to a game with just the two of us, and hopefully will not be the last.

We had some silly moments with our cameras, and sadly, I had to swear not to ever post the one I convinced her to take with T-Rex arms (arms tucked into the sleeves of her t-shirt). However, I did not make any such promises about describing it, so use your imagination. 🙂

We had the great pleasure of sitting next to the ever-present drunken running commentary guy, who at one point of the evening was loudly ranking the chest size of every woman who walked by our row. (Way to stay classy!) I’m not sure he was even coherent enough to realize he was sitting next to several women while making such sexist remarks, but luckily we were having such a good time we let his comments slide. If anything, we did a lot of eye rolling and laughed quite a bit at his antics.

Towards the end of the game, I turned around and saw a little kid who embodied the true spirit of a baseball fan. He had his glove in hand and was jumping up and down, hopeful that a stray ball would come his way. I’m sure that he will remember his time tonight for years to come, and I did snap a quick picture as the moment was priceless.

Thanks to Facebook updates we were able to meet up with some old friends afterwards who happened to be at the game, too. We didn’t talk for too long though, as we got a little worried when all of the gates were being locked and we realized we were the only ones left standing in the park, but did make plans to catch up for real sometime soon.

All in all, this was a great evening. And I look forward to more interesting adventures in the days to come.

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