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Thrift Store Treasure

Over the years, I’ve learned that thrift stores can be fun to visit, and have even found some interesting things while browsing. I am by no means an expert on finding the best deals/items at these places- my Grandma Rose and older sister Melanie are the reigning thrift store pros in my family, but I have managed to find some quality things at those places.

Last fall I spent a week out in rural North Carolina visiting my sister and her family, and may have stumbled on the best thing I’ve ever found at a thrift store.

One of the days during my visit, we visited Raleigh to do a little shopping, as they live in the middle of nowhere, and there are only so many activities to do at a church camp (where they live) in the off-season. For us, “shopping” translates to more window shopping and laughing at ridiculous things in stores than actually buying things. We spent most of the day wandering around and just enjoying our time together.

We were about to get back in the car and make the daunting drive back to their house, when we noticed a store that we hadn’t visited. I don’t think there was a sign on the door, but just looking in the window, we could see a treasure trove of items at what could only be a thrift store. The store seemed a little out-of-place, as the rest of the shopping center was one boutique or high-end store after another.

We spent a few minutes walking around, just to see if there was anything worthwhile at this place, but it was mostly mismatched dishes and various clothing that appeared to be from the 1980s. As we were walking back to the door to leave, this strange stuffed animal caught my eye, and I had to take a closer look. I wasn’t sure what it was exactly, but it looked like a gopher, and had a button at the feet. Of course there were no batteries, so we had no idea what he would play or if it even worked, but the sticker said it was only $2, so I went ahead and bought this strange creature.

Later that evening she found some batteries and we discovered it was the gopher from Caddyshack, and it plays the song “I’m Alright,” while dancing. For an impulse buy, it was one of the better things I’ve wasted a few bucks on, and still makes me laugh.

So strange, but completely awesome-sauce at the same time.

I was a little nervous flying back home with this thing in my suitcase, for fear that the TSA would make me turn it on or something, but luckily they didn’t even question me about it. I guess it must not be the strangest thing someone has brought on a plane.

I had no clue what I was going to do with it, and ended up taking it to work for a few months and called it the “Cheer Up Gopher.” When someone was having a bad day, I’d make them press the little red button, and the ridiculous singing and dancing would instantly make that person smile or laugh.

It may not be the best thing ever found at a thrift store, but this silly gopher still makes me laugh and remember my trip out to see my sister.

For those that also visit thrift stores, what’s the best/weirdest thing you’ve ever found?


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  1. Melanie says:

    You know, one of my BFF’s Kim is THE Thrift Store queen. For real. She even has a blog to share all of her quirky finds. http://2ndhandmoon.blogspot.com/

    I don’t remember anything I have gotten that has been particularly weird, but one thrift store thing I will NEVER EVER purchase is underwear. The very idea of wearing someone else’s underwear creeps me out. I just can’t feel good about wearing someone elses panties. Doesn’t matter how much you wash them you have no idea where they have been. ew.

    • Katy says:

      Yes, I would say Kim is definitely the pro! Maybe she would be a good home for the gopher if I ever get rid of him- he would fit right in with the rest of her collection!
      Good call on the not buying used underwear- do some thrift stores actually sell them? I can’t remember seeing any at the ones I’ve gone too, but I also wasn’t looking, being a bit of a panty snob.

      • Melanie says:

        Um yes. Many I would venture to say all have a “lingerie” section. Creepy.
        I would rather go commando than buy someone else’s granny panties, but then again… I am also a bit of a panty snob. 🙂

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