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Five of My Favorite Foods from St. Louis

Even though I’ve moved away from St. Louis three times in the last eight years, I still always manage to come back home. That many moves in a relatively short amount of time has earned me the nickname “Boomerang” from my step-dad, which is pretty fitting.

It wasn’t until I moved away from home for the first time that I realized some of my favorite treats were only available if you lived in or around St. Louis. Having grown up only about 15 minutes from the city, I took for granted that the rest of the country was missing out on some delicious foods.

St. Louis has tons of fantastic restaurants, and a few special foods that can only be found in this part of the country. I’m still working on my list of favorite restaurants, but in the meantime I singled out some of my favorite specific food items. Most of them are very unhealthy, so they are reserved mainly for special occasions and I always get a little excited to enjoy them.

Below is the list (in random order) of my top five:

1. Red Hot Riplets. Even though I can only eat a few before my mouth feels like it’s on fire, these are probably the best potato chips ever. When I moved to Nashville for a short time last year I actually packed a few bags to keep on hand in case I felt homesick, and ended up sharing them with friends who were very disappointed to find out they would have to order more online or make a trip up to St. Louis for more.

2. Toasted Ravioli. Finding out that this treat wasn’t readily available in other parts of the country surprised me immensely. More shocking was finding a restaurant when I lived in St. Thomas that offered a variation on their menu- of course the next time I went there it had changed and was no longer available.

3. Gus’s Pretzels. One of my more recent additions to the list. Big pretzels are amazing, but even more amazing when in the form of a pretzel-brat and Gus’s must add some special magical ingredient to make these some of the best pretzels out there.

4. Crown Candy Kitchen (malt or milkshake). Any flavor will do; I prefer the standard chocolate. It’s usually to plan on bringing a friend to share with you, as a single shake or malt is really about three giant glasses worth of delicious ice cream goodness.

5. Imo’s Pizza. I’m not sure if it’s the combination of the provel cheese blend or the flat crust, but I always feel like I’m having a treat when I get a pizza from Imo’s. The texture is a little iffy sometimes, and the cheese may resemble melted rubber, but toss on a few green peppers and some black olives and suddenly it’s amazing.

It was hard limiting myself to just five, but these are the things I always missed the most whenever I’m away.

What are some of your favorite St. Louis foods?

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