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My Mom(s)

Since today is Mother’s Day, I thought it would  be fitting to share a little about my Mom and some of the other women in my life who played an important role in my upbringing.

My Mom has always been one of my favorite people, and someone who is very close to me. She always tells me that when I was a baby I would cry incessantly unless she was in my line of sight, and most of the time she had to keep me strapped to her in a sling.

With age and time, that constant dependency is no longer necessary, but it is a comfort to me to know she will always call me back when I need her and do anything in her power to help if asked. Mom has taught me the meaning of hard work. She is strong, independent and sassy. She is supportive and caring, smart and tough.

Sometimes I take for granted all of the things she has done and sacrifices she has made for my siblings and myself, and I wish there were  more I could do to show her how much she is appreciated.

We recently took  a trip together,  and I learned things about her that I never knew. The trip was eye-opening in some respects and drew us closer together, and I will cherish the one on one time with my mom.

Another important leading lady in my life was my Grandma Violet. When I was growing up Mom worked full-time, so most days before and after school were spent with Grandma.

Grandma Violet was a little eccentric, but managed to teach me several useful things about life. I learned to always be prepared in case of an emergency, how to make country-style biscuits (and gravy), and how to sew. She managed to attend all of our school functions, even in times when her health was failing. She was famous for always finding a “good deal” and would spend hours cutting out coupons and scouring sale ads for the weekly grocery shopping. Even when finances were tight, she always had a hot, delicious dinner ready for us before Mom came home from work. Grandma Violet secretly wanted to be a country music star, and every once in a while she would delight us with her sweet southern voice.

One of my biggest regrets is not being able to say good-bye and tell her that I loved her one last time, as we lost her suddenly just days after my 21st birthday. I don’t doubt that she knew I loved her, I just wish it would have been possible to let her know how much I appreciated everything she taught me.

My older sister, Melanie is another woman I consider one of my “mothers.”

As she is several years older than me, I’ve always looked up to her and wanted to be more like her. She has always been my “mother hen,” looking out for me and when I was little making sure I always had my hair done.  I still ask her to braid it for me when we are together.

On more than one occasion, Melanie has saved my life- as she literally stopped me from falling out of a moving car one Halloween when I managed to open the door. Thankfully she has cat-like reflexes and quickly grabbed the back of my clown costume before I met the pavement face first at 40 mph.

She is  one of my best friends, and while the rest of the world may not always understand or appreciate our biting sarcasm and humor, I know I can always tell her anything and that she always has my back.

The last woman who stands out as a powerful force in my life is my Grandma Rose. Grandma Rose is one of the most incredible people I have ever met.

She’s the type of grandma who always has cookies ready for those times when the only thing that can make things better is a home cooked treat. She is witty, strong-willed, and most of the time too proud to ask for help. (Which, seems to be a family trait that all the women in my family inherited from her.)

A few years ago a doctor recommended she cut back on the coffee and told her that she needed to use a cane to get around (At the time she was having some dizzy spells and everyone was afraid she would seriously injure herself with a fall.). She listened somewhat to the instructions, as she cut back from her usual two pots of coffee a day to a more reasonable one pot, and she did get a cane– however, she carries it around like it’s an accessory to her wardrobe rather than as a steadying device. She refers to her cane as “Good Old Charlie,” and Charlie has become a bit of a joke in the family. Usually, she just hangs her purse on him when we go places.

Grandma Rose has surprised me several times by showing how much of a practical joker she is. At a family wedding a couple of summers ago, Grandma willingly posed with a piece of “stolen” chicken that had been smuggled in against the wishes of the hall. (Our family is full of rebellion! haha!)

She’s also been spotted up on stage jamming with a tambourine, dancing a polka, doing “shots” at a bar on family vacation (they were just water, but it was still hilarious), and will usually accept any challenge issued to her.

Each of these women are extremely important to me, and I am grateful for the influence they have had in my life.

I was fortunate to be able to spend time today with most of them, and hope others were able to do the same with the special women in their lives.

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  1. Loved reading this and seeing an update on your family. 🙂

    • Katy says:

      Thanks Tiffany! I’m always happy to see how you guys are doing out in California when you post updates and new pictures of Amos.

  2. This was a great Mother’s Day entry–I hope these women get to read about how important they are to you. Also, I wish i could try Grandma Violet’s biscuits. I love a good southern biscuit.

    • Katy says:

      Thanks Jamey- I’ll make sure they each get to read it.

      I’ll have to let you know next time I make Grandma Violet’s biscuits. 🙂

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