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Pet Peeve #6: Allergies

Over the last few weeks I discovered that I may have a food allergy to one of my favorite food groups: dairy.

I’ve ignored the signs for a long time, and just silently suffered every time I’d eat ice cream or anything with milk in it (which as it turns out pretty much everything has some dairy ingredients).

The possibility of this allergy isn’t really too surprising, as my siblings and I have a multitude of various allergies- the strangest of which are watermelon for my older brother and bug spray for myself, which was discovered after a severe allergic reaction requiring being sent home from summer camp and a trip to the emergency room.

Instead of subjecting myself to actually going to my doctor and requesting an allergy test,  I decided to try simply eliminating all dairy from my diet first. After less than a week, I’m afraid that my suspicions were correct, as the sick feeling I used to get after eating certain things is no longer there.

Of course at some point I will need to visit a doctor to confirm my suspicions, but at this point I’m convinced- despite several people telling me it is nearly impossible to just develop an allergy at my age.

Learning of this possible issue is a little bittersweet, as I’m voluntarily giving up some of my favorite treats to feel better, and not all substitutions are created equal. Soy or coconut milk are great in cereal, but soy ice cream just isn’t the same.

Maybe I am just being paranoid and a trip to the doctor will prove me wrong, but for now I’m sticking to the plan of no dairy- even if it means not enjoying the ice cream cake my mom always thinks is necessary to celebrate a birthday.

While I’ve accepted the possibility of having this common allergy, I’m still hoping that I’m wrong.

Since allergies aren’t usually something we can avoid, making them a pet peeve refers more to the fact that I’m irritated at my own body for causing me undue suffering, and that the simple task of grocery shopping is quickly becoming more complicated- therein lies my pet peeve with allergies.

Has anyone else experienced a similar sudden allergy development? What’s the strangest allergy you’ve had/heard of someone having?



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