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Quest for the Best: Roommate Search

A few months ago, I set a goal of finding a new place to live by May or June. The original plan was to find an apartment somewhere in St. Louis that I could comfortably and safely live in by myself. After my first initial search, my apartment hunt sort of got pushed to the wayside as I had other things going on which were more important at the time.

My original deadline of finding the “perfect” place is quickly approaching, and I’m not really any closer to having a new place narrowed down than I was a few months ago. In the last week, I’ve decided to switch tactics, and instead of finding a place by myself, I’m currently searching for roommates to live with– hopefully doing so will allow a nicer place, and at less overall expense for me.

Sharing a place with someone is a little scary, as previous experiences with roommates did not always work out as planned. My most recent roommate was my ex, and my biggest complaint was always feeling like I had to clean up after someone else. I’m sure if I had asked he would have been more than willing to help, but certain things (like cleaning and organizing) I can be a little bit of a control freak about- and my way is the only correct method, so it was easier to just do whatever needed to be done by myself.

The only other roommates I’ve had were during my time at Disney, where I was randomly matched up with other girls my age to share a two bedroom apartment. While the roommate I shared a bedroom with was great, the girls in the other room were some interesting characters.

I fondly remember several occasions where we would have arguments about the way things needed to be cleaned in common areas. When a discussion about not eating food you didn’t purchase ended in a way one of the “other” girls didn’t agree with, I discovered an entire carton of ice cream I’d recently purchased had been removed from the freezer and thrown over the balcony- a more heinous crime could not have existed at that moment for me.

With that memory permanently ingrained in my brain, seeking out new roommates is quite terrifying. After sending a few e-mails to potentials, I’ve decided that choosing a roommate could possibly be more challenging than finding a good match on a dating site.

Just waiting for that first reply is nerve-wrecking, and trying to decide if someone you could possibly live with is worth meeting based on how they present themselves online is just an added stress.

So far, I haven’t gotten to the point of meeting any potential roommates I’ve contacted in person, or being able to see their places. After scouring the listings for someone who would be a suitable candidate, I’ve decided instead to post my own listing, and then try to find a place together.

If you’ve had a roommate, what are some key traits I should be looking for (or avoiding if you’ve had a bad experience)?


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