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The Avengers Opening Night

Attending the movies on opening night for The Avengers was not in my original plans, but after a last-minute invite through Facebook, I couldn’t resist.

No one wore these silly hats tonight, but thought a picture of Thor with his hammer was relevant.

After the last midnight showing I attended, I vowed that it was my last, as the missing sleep turned me into a virtual zombie the morning after The Hunger Games. At least this time, I have the day off (minus a work meeting at the ridiculous time of 7:30 am), so I will be able to make up on the sleep.

I won’t give away any spoilers for the movie, as I know not everyone attends the late night shows on opening night, but I will say I thought it was the best one of the series so far. I saw a 3D version, and while I don’t really like 3D, it was done very well and actually added to the film instead of just being distracting.

One kind of cool thing about the group I went with is we had our own real life Thor in attendance. By that I don’t mean that someone dressed up as the character (I think dressing up is only acceptable if you are under the age of 11), but that’s his legal name. It’s a little silly to be amused by that coincidence, but the debate I witnessed pre-movie about which superhero is the best was pretty funny, as real-life Thor had lots of ammo to support why Hero Thor is the best.

Having attended several other midnight showings over the years, it was interesting to see the different crowd present for The Avengers. Most of the others I’ve attended have been composed mainly of teenagers- especially teenage girls, but for this one the crowd was mainly college age or older, and seemed to be equally divided as far as men vs. women. The change in crowd makes sense, as the lat few midnight movies have been with my teenage sister, and consisted of a couple of the Twilight ones, The Hunger Games, and several of Harry Potter.

Another difference in the crowd was that a lot of people stood around outside after the movie to discuss the awesomeness with different groups in attendance. In the past, it seems like everyone just heads to their cars as soon as the final credits roll, so it was nice to be able to share and see others sharing their thoughts on the experience.

If you’ve seen it already, I’d love to hear your thoughts and what your favorite parts were.

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