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Pet Peeve #7: Cell Phone Passwords

Something I see pretty much everyday while at work are these silly phone passwords people have set up on their devices. Since my job is to diagnose and then fix whatever problem people are having with their phones, these pesky lock codes can be a little irritating at times. At least 10-15 times a day […]

One Little Invention that Changed My Life

For most of my life I’ve taken for granted the invention of air conditioning. It wasn’t until this summer (which I’m pretty sure is one of the hottest in the history of St. Louis) when I moved into a house without central air that I really started to miss this seemingly small amenity. Normally I […]

Great Ideas: Restaurant Map/Interactive App

I came up with what I think is a pretty great idea earlier in the day, and I really hope it doesn’t already exist– then I’d probably feel a little silly. While sitting at dinner (at a restaurant I’d never been to before) with friends earlier tonight, it struck me that while there are a […]

Yes Please, Surprise Flowers

I had something else entirely planned for today’s post, but due to Internet connectivity issues with my laptop, instead I’m updating from my phone (hopefully). Over the weekend, my older sister surprised me with one of my favorite things: surprise flowers. Because of my not so good news I received on Friday, my older sister […]

Facing Rejection and It’s Ok to Cry

Earlier today, I received some disappointing news that I was halfway expecting. I had recently interviewed for a promotion at two different locations within my company, and was informed that for both someone else had been selected instead of me. During each of the ‘bad news’ phone calls I was able to keep my calm, […]

Island Apartment Hunt

With the recent searching I’ve done to find an apartment or roommates (or whatever my new plan is for living anywhere but my parents’ house– sorry Mom, it’s nothing personal, just time for me to be more independent), I started thinking about all of the apartments I looked at when searching for a place in St. […]

Movie Confessions

Today’s entry is inspired by a conversation I had with several co-workers the other day during some down time at work. Lately, I’ve been trying to catch up on movies I’ve missed, and have visited movie theaters more often than usual because so many good films have come out (and are still coming) this year. […]

Should I or Shouldn’t I?

Over the last week or so I’ve been debating with myself over the idea of rejoining one of the online dating sites. In general I’m not a fan of online dating, and have never really had any “luck” with that route before, but I sometimes feel like maybe I didn’t give it a fair chance […]

My Dad

On Mother’s Day, I wrote about the women who have been most influential in my life. Since today was Father’s Day, my plan was to do the same, and share a little bit about how my dad and step-dad have helped me become who I am today. Instead of sharing anything about my step-dad on this […]

The Flat Tire Story: A True Tale of Survival

Since my last post was a little bit of a downer, here’s a short and funny tale to make up for the sad one. This past Friday started out just about the same as any other workday: I got up, got ready for work, fought with the coffee grinder trying to make my morning cup, […]

When it Feels Like You’ve Been Left Behind

Over the last couple of years, the friendship I’ve had with my closest friend has changed quite a bit. At times, I feel like I’ve been left behind or replaced in our friendship, and honestly don’t know if she still considers me as her best friend anymore. Even though we don’t talk everyday (or even […]

Redefining Customer Service

In the past, I’ve mentioned that my job entails a lot of customer service. Some days are better than others, and recently most of the people who work for my company (in my area) went through a brief training class to help redefine what it means to be good at customer service. After reading about […]

The Importance of Leaving Reviews

Over the past several years, I’ve changed from being a person who shops exclusively in actual brick & mortar stores, to someone who mostly shops online (for anything other than groceries). Shopping online is a lot more convenient for me, as my work schedule changes constantly, so if I want to buy a new book […]

A Trip to the Park

One of my favorite places in St. Louis is the beautiful Forest Park. With attractions such as the Zoo, Art Museum, walking/bike trails, and pretty much every type of sports field, this park probably has something for everyone. Over this past weekend, I was able to visit a part of the park I had never […]

Spoiler-free Review: Prometheus

Over the weekend I went to see Prometheus. After watching the trailer, I knew it was something I wanted to see because it looked really exciting, but hadn’t decided if I would see it in the theater, or wait until I could watch it at home. With so many other movies coming out this year […]

What Would You Do If a Loved One had a Medical Emergency?

At some point or another in life, most people will receive a phone call with some awful news about a family member and have to decide to rush to the hospital, or stay at home/work until you are able to be of some help. While it may seem like a no-brainer, for me this would […]

Well, That’s Cake-tastic

Ok, so I promise this is my last entry about food for a while. Earlier in the week I mentioned that my sister was planning a cake themed around Dr Who as the rest of my birthday present.  In the past, she’s made a couple of very fun cakes for her daughter, and each year they […]

Yes, Please: Handwritten Letters

With so much of our daily communication happening through e-mails, text messages, and social networking sites, the handwritten letter has become a thing of the past. Instead of taking the time to write out a letter, it’s easier to just type out a few sentences, hit send, and wait for a quick reply. The only […]

App of the Week: Logos Quiz Game

Over the weekend a friend introduced me to a new app for my phone which has been more than a little addicting since downloading it. I hadn’t downloaded anything new in quite a while, as I usually get tired of games after a couple of days, but took a chance on the Logos Quiz Game. […]

My Birthday Weekend & Snow White and the Huntsman

So, today was my birthday. It wasn’t a milestone one or anything, but I still felt the need to take the entire weekend (Friday-Sunday) off work for it. I try to pretend that having people acknowledge or celebrate my birthday isn’t that big of a deal, because in previous years the day has gone by […]

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