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A Trip to the Park

One of my favorite places in St. Louis is the beautiful Forest Park. With attractions such as the Zoo, Art Museum, walking/bike trails, and pretty much every type of sports field, this park probably has something for everyone.

Over this past weekend, I was able to visit a part of the park I had never been to before: Turtle Park Playground.

I don’t normally visit playgrounds, but I had promised my niece that I would take her to one, which also gave my sister a little respite from her cranky 7-year-old.

Originally, I had planned on staying around a different part of Forest Park, as I remembered seeing some swings along the stretch I normally take Jasper for walks, but after maybe 10 minutes on those swings, Michaela was bored and wanted to find some monkey bars or something she could climb on.

At one point, I had to talk her out of climbing on a bike rack that she was convinced was just a short set of monkey bars.

Not wanting to have a meltdown, I suggested we go over to another part of the huge park, where there were some giant turtle sculptures that I had seen kids climbing on countless times before. I didn’t know what other playground items were over there, but she was happy and excited at the prospect of something other than “boring swings.”

After a short drive from one side of the nearly 1,300 acre park to the other, we made it to the turtle place.

She was happy, which made me happy, and we quickly began a game of “race ya to the top,” where she tried to race me to the top of each sculpture and always managed to win.

In the end, it was a good decision to visit that part, as she had a lot of fun climbing on the turtles, and I was able to visit a new area.

I think we both were pretty exhausted by the time we got back home, but the exhaustion was well worth it, since I got to spend some quality time acting like a little kid again with one of my favorite people.


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