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App of the Week: Logos Quiz Game

Over the weekend a friend introduced me to a new app for my phone which has been more than a little addicting since downloading it.

I hadn’t downloaded anything new in quite a while, as I usually get tired of games after a couple of days, but took a chance on the Logos Quiz Game. I’m not really sure how long this one has been out, but since it’s new to me (and I’m still excited about it) it only seems right to share my thoughts on it.

At first, I thought the idea of a game designed to identify various brand logos was silly, but it’s actually pretty fun and somewhat educational. I’ve been surprised to see how many brands I’ve been able to identify, and a little ashamed at some that I should have known, but simply didn’t.

This little game has been an eye opener as far as making me think about how different logos really help to make someone recognize a brand. I’m only a few levels in, and instead of going on endlessly about a silly game, am just going to give some screen shots of how it works.


The format is pretty simple: you are given a bunch of partial logos, and then have to identify what it is. If you are correct, the logo is grayed out and has a check mark, if you were wrong a red X is on the logo until you guess correctly. The whole thing is scored, but I’m not sure why it has points, since it’s clearly a single player game with no prize at the end.

If you need something new to distract for a little while, or want to test what you know about different brand logos, go download it. If you do, let me know what you think of this game.


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  1. alecd104 says:

    I just downloaded this app and I have to admit I have been playing it quite a bit. I never knew that I recognized so many different logos until I started playing.

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