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Well, That’s Cake-tastic

Ok, so I promise this is my last entry about food for a while.

Earlier in the week I mentioned that my sister was planning a cake themed around Dr Who as the rest of my birthday present.  In the past, she’s made a couple of very fun cakes for her daughter, and each year they get better.

Watching my sister go through the process from start to finish was quite a learning experience. For someone with no formal training in the art of cake decorating, I’m always impressed with what she is able to create out of some sugar, frosting, and cake batter.

The red guy is a Dalek, one of the iconic Dr Who villains, and the Blue box is a TARDIS, which is what the Doctor uses to travel through time and space. The Dalek is supposed to be attacking the TARDIS. You can’t see it in the picture, but the top of the cake is the same design as a pocketwatch The Doctor has carried in some episodes.

After several hours of sculpting and decorating the two characters, and only a few minor setbacks (running out of the right color fondant, not having the right tools, and none of the candy decorations sticking as envisioned), it was finally finished.

Around 11 pm last night.

By then, we weren’t really hungry for cake, so we each had a few bites and took couple of pictures (which were promptly uploaded to Facebook).

Since my niece was already asleep by then, we didn’t break into the painstakingly decorated figures, so she would be able to see and enjoy them in the morning.

Plus, at that point we both were about to fall over from being so tired, and having what I think is called a sugar crash- the feeling you have after eating too much sugar and the rush is wearing off.

During the construction of the figures we each may have sampled some of the candy toppings, which included red hots, melted chocolate, licorice whips, and other assorted licorice pieces.

Since I don’t know many people who hate cake, the rest will most likely be coming with me to work this week, so my co-workers can share the cake-love. The figures however, will not be, as they are too cute and I wouldn’t want them to get messed up in transit. And that part isn’t really cake, but rather a giant rice krispy treat covered in icing and fondant.

Oh, fondant.

I have a newfound respect for anyone who works with that sticky stuff on a regular basis.

While trying to be helpful and maybe speed the process along a little, I volunteered to roll some out and get it ready for the next step. Since it doesn’t look too different from sugar cookie dough, I figured that job would be a piece of cake. 🙂

I quickly learned that the more you work with it, the harder it is to remove from the mat or counter, and it just starts to become a sticky gooey mess. At one point, I thought for sure I had ruined the whole thing, but luckily all was not lost and my sister was able to salvage my mess.

I definitely learned that while I love how themed cakes look, they are a lot of work, and I really appreciate that my sister was willing to be a good sport and make me one.

Some of her other cakes have turned out even cuter than mine, so below is a sampling of some of her other amazing birthday cakes, as well as some close-ups of my TARDIS and Dalek.

Her first attempt at being a Cake Boss for a little girls’ cowgirl birthday party.

Rapunzel’s Tower- last year’s cake, and my favorite. I think it ended up being almost three feet tall.

The Dalek- his catchphrase is “EXTERMINATE!”

The TARDIS- famous for being bigger on the inside.

Sure, it may be a little silly to get excited about something that’s just going to be eaten, but I am pretty impressed with each of these creations. In fact, I’d say they are cake-tastic!

What do you think, is it worth the time and effort to make something spectacular like this, or better to keep it plain and simple?

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