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Yes, Please: Handwritten Letters

With so much of our daily communication happening through e-mails, text messages, and social networking sites, the handwritten letter has become a thing of the past.

Instead of taking the time to write out a letter, it’s easier to just type out a few sentences, hit send, and wait for a quick reply.

The only real problem I have with this type of communication is that the instant gratification takes away some of the intimacy that a handwritten letter carries.

Sure, sending a letter takes time, and you have to find a stamp to mail it (I can’t remember the last time I’ve had to buy stamps), but there is just something extra special about receiving a letter that someone took so much time and effort to send.

I only know a handful of people who still send out these types of correspondence, and the best example of a great letter writer is my Grandma Rose.

In addition to sending out the standard birthday, anniversary, and thank you cards, she also makes sure that every note  (or card) is handwritten, and personalized.

I’m sure most people still send out cards for the same reasons, but sending a personalized note when someone has given a gift or has a special occasion is something I think a lot of people aren’t doing as much anymore. It’s easier to just purchase whatever card you find on the rack at the store and just add your signature, but Grandma Rose takes sending these things even a step further.

If you’ve ever done something nice for her, chances are that she would have sent you a note, just to say thanks. It doesn’t have to be a thanks for a gift received, because she will thank you for just about anything. One time, I actually received one from her thanking me for sending her a thank you note.

In the past I’ve received ones just to thank me for stopping by and helping her bake cookies, for sitting down to share a cup of coffee with her, or for going along on my family’s annual vacation trip.

One of the best parts of her letters is that she will somehow manage to sneak in a joke or two, and it’s always relevant. For someone who has never owned a computer or had an e-mail account, she still manages to be the hub of social networking in our family, and somehow always knows about the latest gossip or drama before the rest of the family.

Every time I see her familiar scrawl on the front of an envelope it makes me smile, because I know that what’s inside is something special from my grandma.

 If it’s been a while since you’ve taken the time to send out a personalized and handwritten message to someone, I urge you to change that. Even sending something short is bound to change someone’s day when they open their mailbox to find that you were thinking of them and took the time to let them know this way.


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