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Buddy Camp

For the rest of this week I’ll be attending an event that might sound a little strange to some: Buddy Camp.

Buddy Camp is just a session of church camp designed for kids from about kindergarten to second grade (I think) to experience the overnight aspect of camp, but with a parent or other adult ‘buddy’ by their side.

This is my second year of going to this camp with my niece, as last summer she was old enough to attend, but neither my sister or brother-in-law could be her buddy as they both were needed to run the camp itself. So, I flew in for the weekend for one session and her grandmother (my brother-in-law’s mom) came for the other.

Even though it probably sounds really silly to be excited about attending a church camp at my age, I’ve definitely been looking forward to this part of my summer for several weeks.

Maybe it’s because my own first attempt at attending overnight camp ended with my going home early and to the hospital after a severe allergic reaction to bug spray, so for a few days I get to almost relive the camp experience I never had as a kid. Part of it is definitely being able to spend time with my niece doing the different activities, and I’m very grateful for the chance to go this year.

The next few days are sure to be exhausting but hopefully filled with some great new memories and several games of carpetball, one of my favorite camp classics.

Have you ever attended camp (probably as a kid), and what were your favorite parts of the experience?

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