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The Great Hot Dog Quest

Earlier today I attended a baseball game on what was probably one of the hottest days of the year. Despite the intense heat, the game a lot of fun and I definitely made some new memories while at the stadium.

Since I went with a pretty big group of people, I didn’t really watch much of the game, but spent most of the time catching up with the people seated near me. Occasionally I would glance at the scoreboard to make sure the Cards were still doing ok, and then watch part of an inning before going back to conversation.

The most memorable part of the actual game play was seeing a bat split in half and go flying in 2 pieces after hitting a fastball.

Today’s game happened to be one where every ticket (at least the ones we’d purchased) came with a free soda and hot dog.

During the first couple of innings, most of the people in our group made their way to the concession stands for the “free” treats. A few others and I decided to wait until later, since we’d grabbed lunch on the way over, and each of us had water or other drinks already.

The quest to locate a hot dog near the end of a game was probably the most memorable part of the outing.

Waiting until the seventh inning stretch to make our way to the concession stands for the hot dogs and sodas turned out to be not the best idea. By the time we got around to the “great hot dog quest,” most of the stands were starting to close up shop, and the first 3 or 4 that were still open had conveniently “just run out” of hot dogs– so they kept directing us to others located across the ballpark.

Eventually we did find one that was still open and it looked promising, until the guy behind the counter informed us that he only had one left. Since there was just one left, the guy who was with us that really wanted it in the first place redeemed his voucher and seemed pretty satisfied.

At this point, I really didn’t care about the hot dog and just wanted a cold soft drink, but the concession stand guy insisted we at least try another spot before giving up and just getting our drinks. Of course, by the time we moseyed over to the next place, it was closed, so it seemed we were back to square one.

When we returned to the place where the “last hot dog” had been acquired, the guy apologized for sending us on a wild chase and promptly redeemed our tickets for the drinks. As an added “bonus” he gave us each a cup of ice, which was nice and probably a lot more refreshing than a soggy hours old hot dog would have been anyway.

By the time we got back to our seats, the game was nearly over, so we had just enough time to enjoy our snacks/drinks, share the story of the “great hot dog quest,” and watch the Cardinals win.

It wasn’t the most exciting day, but it was definitely a fun way to spend a super hot afternoon… and I learned the lesson on not waiting until the end of the game to visit the concession stands for snacks.

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