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Yes, Please: Cuprella

This summer I haven’t had many opportunities to bust out the various umbrellas I have accumulated over the years, as St. Louis has been under a dreadful heat wave the last few weeks. Luckily, the heat wave has stalled out (for now) and there has even been the promise of rain for this scorched city.

Cuprella just hanging out at MoKaBe’s during Sunday brunch.

When I noticed it was raining early Sunday morning, I probably got just a little too excited about being able to use the coolest umbrella I own: the Cuprella.

It’s quite ridiculous looking, but it ranks high on my list of favorite things.

I’m not sure exactly where my mom found this genius invention, and I’m fairly certain it was something I “borrowed” a long time ago and forgot to give back, but it really is a clever idea.

Instead of being stuck with a wet and drippy umbrella once you are inside and it’s closed, you can cover it up with the built-in cup, thus preventing you from being that person who leaves a trail of puddles when out in public (or at home) and carrying around your closed umbrella.

What makes this particular version of the Cuprella even better is the sweet design.

Instead of being some boring plain umbrella, this is the elite “Proud to Be An American” version.

When walking down the street, it proudly boasts some stars and stripes, while also proclaiming “God Bless America.”

It might be a little over the top, but I’m not too proud to carry around something that is both useful and patriotic.

Hopefully it really isn’t bad luck to open an umbrella inside. :)

On the weirdness scale, Cuprella probably does rank pretty high.

In fact, I’m fairly certain it would get its own category for achieving a trifecta of weirdness, as it looks like it’s wearing a hat when open and in use, it is just a little over the top in its design, and the name itself “Cuprella”– which looks like it has been changed to something much more generic.

In case you’re doubting just how useful this umbrella would be, it can also double as a cane (note the lovely curved handle made out of synthetic wood) and also works great to push buttons for the pedestrian crossing as I happened to do the last time I carried it around (very helpful if you’re afraid of touching the germ-infested buttons present on such devices in large cities).

If I’ve inspired you to rush out and purchase one of these handy inventions, feel free to visit this website, for your very own “Drip Free Safety Umbrella.” I’m pretty sure it’s the same thing, but the new name just doesn’t have quite the punch of creativity as “Cuprella.” 🙂

Responses (2)

  1. twirler says:

    Cuprella is far cooler than I. Looks like he’s/she’s about to go for a ride with the first needy passersby. Leaning up against the railing seductively…hmm, what a naughty umbrella, but hey, that’s South City.

    Have you ever noticed MoBot has plastic bags devoted to dripping umbrellas? I’m mildly offended at that. Why can’t people just shake them out good under the overhang? Perhaps we need more cool inventions like you have shared with the world so less plastic bags get made for wet umbrellas. Or maybe the Earth just wants plastic like George Carlin speculated…we’re just the equivalent of ants performing the ritual of creating plastic for Mother Nature.

    Any you should give he/she/it back to Mom. 😉

  2. Jo Bohnenstiehl says:

    A friend of mine that is in the Kiwanis club sells these for $15 to benefit charities supported by Kiwanis. I can get more if anyone is interested.

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