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Pet Peeve #10: Irresponsible Pet Owners

Lately, I’ve mentioned my dog, and things related to the little guy more than usual (and more than what is probably healthy), so this will be the last Jasper or pet themed post for a while. I promise. One of my favorite daily activities is taking Jasper out for walks, and letting him socialize with […]

The Disappearing Blog Post and a Brand New Day

Earlier today, or rather last night, I posted something that in the morning I realized was just a little too personal to make public, so I removed it. I’m sure some people read it and if you have feedback on that one, go ahead and let me know– but privately please. To anyone who didn’t […]

Cooking for One

Most of the time, my eating habits are downright dreadful. Instead of taking the time to plan out a balanced meal, I’ll grab a granola bar and yogurt for just about any meal and call it a day. While those things are tasty, and somewhat nutritious, I’m fairly certain most toddlers eat better than that. […]


I’ve learned there are a few things in life that will always be constants. A couple of minor adventures I experienced last night brought some that are worth mentioning to mind. My Mom will always be there for me. When I’m having a bad day, I know I can always call her and be cheered up […]

Nailed It: Sock Bun

Sorry to any guys out there, but today’s post happens to be on the fascinating subject of women’s hairstyles. 🙂 Most days I wear my hair in one of three styles: down with my bangs pinned back out of my face, ponytail, or down with maybe a headband (in the summer a pair of sunglasses […]

The Day the Coffee Ran Out: A True Tale of Survival

I’m a creature of habit, and live for the small rituals of every day: Wake up, start the coffee, take Jasper for his first of many daily walks, drink the first cup of coffee, then get ready for work/the day or go back to bed, depending on what I have planned. A few days ago, […]

When it Feels Like Everything is Spinning Out of Control

I’m sure we’ve all had those days: when it seems like nothing you do is going to turn out right. This happens a lot when I’m at work– I’ll start something that should only take a few minutes to fix, but somehow it turns into a huge ordeal, and before I know it I’ve taken […]

The Public Shaming

Earlier today, my sister Melanie sent me a link to this meme, while posing the question of what we’d say about Jasper. The memes listed out on that site are pretty funny, and a different take on the idea of publicly shaming a child on Facebook after a bad behavior. If you haven’t seen any […]

My Favorite Summer

This summer has been very different from my normal summer routine, and there have been a lot of major changes and growth in my life during this time. The most noticeable impact or force for these changes was spending so much time with my oldest sister, Melanie. Normally, Melanie lives about 800 miles away with […]

The Lion King

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved musicals. Back then, my favorite was “Meet Me in St. Louis,” which might be a little cliché, as I grew up just across the river from the city, but something about the singing and dancing has always captured my attention and my heart. During college, […]

Strange Coincidences

Since moving into my new apartment I haven’t really checked the mail much (no one has my new address yet, so why bother?). Saturday afternoon I decided it might be a good idea to look, just in case the power company or someone had sent me something that needed to be read. I wasn’t very surprised […]

My Greatest Fear #2: Open Doors

There are quite a few things I’m afraid of, and while some of them are probably considered pretty normal, others are a little out there. My fear of walking down steep steps in sexy heels is one that most women probably have experienced at one time or another when presented with a similar situation. My […]

If I Could Turn Back Time

A few months ago, I did something that I almost immediately regretted. I’m not sure if I actually regret the decision that was made, or if I regret the method of delivery and subsequent lack of closure for this particular situation. What I did wasn’t the most awful of actions, but I’m pretty sure it […]

The Farmer in My Family

Every summer my step-dad, Tom, spends his free time planting a giant fruit and vegetable garden. Over the years, it has grown from just a couple of rows with tomatoes, green beans, blackberries, and peppers to the jungle of just about any vegetable imaginable that it is now. When he first started planting the garden, […]

A Place of My Own

After months (well, years really) of searching for an apartment, I finally found a place of my own that I can now call home. For a while I thought I was going to need to go the route of finding a roommate, but by a stroke of what seems like luck, an apartment in a […]

Isabella Turns 1!

One of the activities I managed to sneak in over the weekend– in between moving into my new apartment– was attending the birthday party for my friend’s one-year old, Isabella. It’s strange to see just how much she has grown in her first year of life, as I remember visiting the hospital when she was […]

Dating Dilemmas

Over the course of my personal dating history, I’ve been presented with a variety of situations, some of which were really good and some not-so-much. A good mix of both types have occurred both in the past and as recently as a few weeks ago. Having tried the online method I’ve learned some useful things, but […]

Party Animal

August is one of those months where it seems like there are more birthdays than usual. In my immediate family, we have my dad, older sister, and brother celebrating birthdays in the coming weeks. Added to that is my best friend’s daughter, who happens to share the day with my brother. Lots of birthday parties […]

Goodbye Old Friend

When I first laid eyes on you, I knew that you were everything that I wanted, nay everything I needed. When I was dry, you filled me up. On a hot day, I could rely on your sweet coolness to quench me. When I was running late, you stood faithful at the ready to give […]

Foursquare: Adding a New Venue

A few weeks ago I finally decided to go ahead and set up my Foursquare account, and start using the app. Part of my reasoning for using this handy program is to track places I’ve eaten, so I can add them to my restaurant mapping guide I mentioned a while back. So far, I’ve visited […]

My Cup Runneth Over

Over the weekend I was invited (and attended) a birthday party for a friend of a friend. Normally I’d prefer to not drink and mingle with a bunch of strangers, but the theme of the party was pretty intriguing, so I went– apparently, I’m all about new experiences lately. The theme was “Anything But a […]

The Power of “Free”/ Confessions of a Shopaholic

I think most people love to get a good deal, or even better, something for free.  I’m no exception to this rule, and one of my favorite stores (Victoria’s Secret) sends me out little cards every month or so offering a free pair of panties and $10 off a purchase, with the only stipulation of […]

A Night Out with the Extroverts

Anyone who has ever met me probably knows that I don’t really do well in large crowds, and try to blend in when possible. It isn’t that I don’t like being around people, because I do, it’s just that I worry about being out-of-place or making some kind of social faux pas that would draw […]

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