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A Place of My Own

After months (well, years really) of searching for an apartment, I finally found a place of my own that I can now call home.

For a while I thought I was going to need to go the route of finding a roommate, but by a stroke of what seems like luck, an apartment in a good neighborhood, in my budget, and large enough for my furniture became available when I wasn’t even looking very hard. (Sorry for all of the links in this one, but I’ve been more or less whining about finding my own place for a long time, and thought it might be a good idea to clue anyone unfamiliar with my search in on the matter.)

About a week before I found my new place I had looked at another unit owned by the same management company, but decided against it on the basis of it being too small.

Pardon the mess; this was taken while I was still in the process of unpacking everything, which is why the tv is just hanging out on the floor.

When one of the leasing agents called to let me know that a bigger place was now available, I made the appointment to go check it out, but prepared myself to once again be disappointed when viewing the apartment. I was pretty shocked to see that not only was this place big enough for my existing living room furniture (a large sectional couch and equally large entertainment center), but that I would actually have to go shopping for additional furniture just to fill the space.

Also, this place happens to come with a spare room that could be a very tiny bedroom, but I use it as my office/reading room– which makes me feel very grown up to have a room dedicated to my desk, favorite comfy chair, and part of my book collection.

This is a huge change for me, as while I’ve lived in a variety of cool places over the years (Florida for an internship at Disney, St. Thomas, and Nashville), I’ve always had a roommate (most recently that roommate was an ex-boyfriend). In my new apartment, my only roommate is Jasper, so every decision about where to place furniture or where to put things away has been solely left up to me.

The other big change about this move compared to some of the other places I’ve lived, is that everything in it is mine. In the past, I’ve lived in furnished or partially furnished places, and in the apartment I lived in with my ex, half of the furniture was his, so those places never really felt like a home I could call my own.

Seeing everything I’ve accumulated over the years was a little frightening, and I actually asked myself the question (several times) “where did all of this stuff even come from?” during the unpacking process. Being a little bit of a perfectionist about having things put in their correct place drove me crazy for the first day or so, as I knew it would be impossible to put everything away in just a day, especially since I had other obligations keeping me from spending the entire day at my new place.

Spending the last several days unpacking and moving my things into my new place has been exhausting, but also very exciting. I was extremely happy this morning to be able to collapse the last moving box and toss it into the dumpster.

I still have quite a bit of work to do in decorating the walls and finding curtains and other odd and ends to fill the space, but it is definitely at the point of being presentable enough to start having friends and family come for a visit. And while I’m not a huge party person, I think being able to finally have a place that is all mine might call for a small celebration…. and if my guests are lucky, I might even try out some of my newly learned culinary skills and make a few tasty dishes.


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