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Isabella Turns 1!

What birthday party is complete without a kid covered in cake?

One of the activities I managed to sneak in over the weekend– in between moving into my new apartment– was attending the birthday party for my friend’s one-year old, Isabella.

Isabella and I, hours after she was born.

It’s strange to see just how much she has grown in her first year of life, as I remember visiting the hospital when she was just one day old, and how little and helpless she was then.

I didn’t tell my friend Heather then, but I was terrified that I would drop or break her precious little one that morning in her hospital room.

Over the past year, I haven’t been able to make as many visits as I would like to see her, as Heather and I often have conflicting schedules, so it’s amazing to see the changes in this little person whenever I can spend time with my friend and her little one.

Having not attended many birthday parties for one year olds, I can honestly say that this was one of the best, and well planned kid’s parties I’ve ever been to. (The only other little kid birthday party I can think of that tops Isabella’s would be my niece’s birthday bash at the Zoo a couple of years ago.)

Heather did a great job with the decorations, and I was glad to see her crafty side come out in the form of a few projects she found on Pinterest.

In addition to the outfit (onesie and tutu), she also made a banner highlighting Isabella for each month during her first year.

Birthday girl in a custom tutu and onesie made with love by her mom (with a little help from one of the grandmas).

Isabella sharing her birthday cake with her mom…. it got just a little messy. :)


One of my favorite pictures of the day. It almost looks like she is telling everyone “no more pictures.”

The pictures show one happy baby, and it’s obvious that her parents and extended family (and friends) are, and will be there for her as she grows up.¬†Even though I’m not related, I hope she knows that her “Aunt” Katy will be there if needed.

Here’s to another great year for little Isabella, and Happy Birthday!


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  1. trprwife241 says:

    Aww love this article! Glad you didn’t drop her lol.

  2. trprwife241 says:

    Love this article! Glad you didn’t drop her that day. I love that picture of you holding her.

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