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My Cup Runneth Over

Over the weekend I was invited (and attended) a birthday party for a friend of a friend.

Normally I’d prefer to not drink and mingle with a bunch of strangers, but the theme of the party was pretty intriguing, so I went– apparently, I’m all about new experiences lately.

The theme was “Anything But a Cup,” where each party-goer was given the goal of bringing the most creative non-traditional drinking apparatus– no glasses, can, bottles, or cups allowed.

I thought for sure that my vessel would be the sure winner, as I went with my Dr Who TARDIS cookie jar (and it makes a noise from the show whenever closed), but sadly, a late-comer to the party had me beat.

I actually had to use a straw most of the time, as the cookie jar was so big that an entire bottle of wine didn’t even reach the halfway point of the container– I think I had the equivalent of one or two glasses before calling it quits.

Some guy, who I’m sure was a close friend of the party’s host, showed up with the clear winner of the night. His drinking container: a giant vase, shaped like a glass.

Not sure how he planned on drinking that much, but it was pretty funny seeing the use of a ladle to drink, as the “cup” was too deep for a straw.

Some other good ideas of the night: one girl brought an IV bag filled with beer, and another (my cousin) used a candle holder shaped like a chess piece. Other runners up (which I didn’t get pictures of) were: condiment (ketchup and mustard) bottles, soap dispensers, a cooking pot, a french press, and a mini trash can. Hopefully those items were all new purchases, or cleaned well before being drunk out of…

Pretty clever, but seemed like a lot of work to take a drink.

Creative, and useful for after the party was over as home decor.

Have you ever been to a party with this type of rule/theme? If so, what was the best/most creative item there? Also, I’ll let you be the judge… who had the best vessel out of the ones pictured?

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  1. That’s a pretty clever theme, I have to say. I almost want to steal it for Festivus 2012.

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