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Pet Peeve #10: Irresponsible Pet Owners

Lately, I’ve mentioned my dog, and things related to the little guy more than usual (and more than what is probably healthy), so this will be the last Jasper or pet themed post for a while. I promise.

One of my favorite daily activities is taking Jasper out for walks, and letting him socialize with the other dogs who are out at the same time. It’s pretty amazing to watch how excited they get, and see the interactions happen, even if it’s only for a minute or so.

While out on these walks, I’ve noticed certain behaviors from different pet owners, and while some of them are commendable for being “good” owners, some are downright awful.

The pet owners who I deem as “good,” are the ones who keep their dogs in check (on a leash and not letting the dog drag them down the street), and who pick up after their animal. There is obviously a lot more to being a good pet owner (regular vet visits, shots, tags, feeding, etc.), but I only really see how different people treat their animals while out walking, so it’s a very limited view.

For people out there who don’t practice the behaviors I’ve listed above as “good,” I just wonder what goes through their mind to think that’s an ok way to behave. I feel like this pet peeve has finally reached the breaking point for me, and if I don’t let out my passive aggressive angst in this matter soon, I may snap and get myself in trouble someday.

The other day, I noticed one of the other tenants in my building out in the parking lot with her dog, and I was appalled at the fact that not only was her dog out without a leash, but that when the dog had finished its business, she cheered it on, and then promptly walked back inside. No attempt was made to clean up the mess, and I was able to hear her continuing to praise the animal once I walked inside where she was waiting for the elevator. I should have said something to her about it not being ok to do that, but instead, I took the stairs.

Since that day, I’ve noticed more piles of pet droppings left behind in that same area (luckily, the maintenance guy cleaned it all up earlier today), and seeing this disgusts me almost to the point of wanting to park out on the street instead of inside my nice secured lot, just so I won’t have to look at the mess.

What really irritates me about people doing this is the fact that it takes approximately 30 seconds to clean up, and there are plastic bags hanging up on little posts on various parts of the street, just for the purpose of keeping the area clean. I’m not saying everyone should go out and get the leash with  the plastic bag holder on it (a grocery bag works quite well as a free solution) even though that’s what I carry for Jasper, but at least make the effort to keep the street clean.

With this latest incident in mind, earlier tonight I created a very passive aggressive note, that I am considering hanging up somewhere in a public area of my building. I don’t know if it’s a good idea to do so, or if it will even make a difference, so I’m going to put up a picture of it, along with a simple poll.

If the overwhelming response is “yes,” I’ll do it. If it’s “no,” I’ll just send a copy of my lovely note to passive-aggressivenotes.com, and see what they have to say.

And, just so I’m not completely negative tonight, I’ll share a quick win for introverts that happened earlier in the week.

While out walking Jasper around Forest Park a few days ago,  there was a huge festival of some sort happening, so we were stopped by a total stranger who was out on one of the lawns across the street, asking to let their dog play with Jasper. Normally, I’d try to walk away without really acknowledging the request, but we stayed a few minutes for doggy playtime. Some chit chat and offering of free beer ensued (I declined, because while it was hot outside, I didn’t really want to drink with strangers) and after a few minutes we continued with our walk. It was an unexpected experience, but I noticed the rest of the walk was more enjoyable, and that little social interaction definitely improved my mood for the rest of the night.

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