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The Public Shaming

Earlier today, my sister Melanie sent me a link to this meme, while posing the question of what we’d say about Jasper.

The memes listed out on that site are pretty funny, and a different take on the idea of publicly shaming a child on Facebook after a bad behavior. If you haven’t seen any of those postings, this is one example of a mom humiliating her daughter that got some press.

I don’t really agree with this type of reaction and humiliation as a form of punishment, but I’m sure it taught those kids a lesson.

The shaming of pets was pretty funny, and when trying to list out all of the indiscretions Jasper has been guilty of over the years, I couldn’t pinpoint just one that stood out the most.

Instead we came up with this list, which I copied directly from an email today: Eating cat poo from the litterbox, stealing sandwiches, stealing apples (from your mouth), murdering all of his toys and leaving a trail of stuffing all over the house, barking at any noise, licking incessantly….

He isn’t guilty of all of those behaviors all of the time, and is actually a pretty good dog for the most part, but from time to time he will misbehave. Anyone who has actually met the little guy can back me up here (I hope). Since moving into our new place, he’s been a perfect gentleman, with the exception of barking at strange noises– but I’m pretty sure that’s normal since it’s a new and strange place for him.

Below is a picture of the final version of things Jasper would have to confess to:

If you can’t read my writing, the sign says:

I am a hyper, floor piddling, doorbell- on -tv barking, apple and sandwich stealing, cat poo eating, slayer of dog toys. I am a slob, I can’t hold my licker and I have to be petted at all times. Some may call me a jerk. But I call myself… a P.I.M.P. (Pomeranian In My Prime)

If you have pets, what would they have to say in their public humiliation signs?

Also, how do you feel about parents using this as a method of punishment? Do you feel it’s fair, or too extreme? And does it even teach them a lesson?

Special thanks to Melanie for helping out with the full list.

Responses (2)

  1. melanie says:

    Milo’s would say: I eat kittens for breakfast and break through bathroom doors when I am freaked out during storms.

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