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How I Escaped Near Death in the Elevator of Doom: A True Tale of Survival

Earlier today, I experienced my closest near-death experience to date.

I’ve had a lot of close calls over the years (the beaver dam, the flat tire, and the coffee incident to name a few), but today was truly terrifying.

My morning started out pretty much the same as any other day: woke up, took Jasper on his first walk of the day, prepared breakfast, and started getting ready for work.

Right before leaving for work, I took Jasper out for a quick walk, and like usual, we walked down the four flights of stairs to exit the building.

On my way out the door, I noticed a couple of new guys moving into the building who were struggling with getting a couch to fit into the elevator.

Having just experienced a move myself not long ago, I recommended they give up and just haul the couch up the stairs, which is what I had done when moving my over-sized sectional when it wouldn’t fit into the elevator, either.

The guys begrudgingly took my advice and headed for the stairs, while I headed for the exit. Jasper and I proceeded to have our walk and upon returning to my building, I decided to be a little lazy and use the elevator.

I normally stay away from the elevator, because frankly, it’s a little old and makes some pretty scary noises– plus, taking the stairs is a healthier option. I should have kept my usual route, because when the elevator arrived on my floor, a huge crash sounded right behind me while I was exiting.

Elevator of Doom

The light fixture must have become jarred loose when the guys were trying to squeeze the couch in, and then the movement of the elevator finished the job. Had I not moved closer to the door (and moved Jasper with me) to exit in the nick of time, we would have become pancakes and elevator casualties.

Instead of panicking, I ran to my apartment, to ensure the safety of myself and the precious puppy, and immediately stripped out of my work clothes and fashioned a loin cloth dress in the style of Wilma Flintstone out of Jasper’s leash and doggie sweater, to make the call to building maintenance, and proceeded to set a signal fire in the hallway with my work clothes so the repair guy would know where to go.

Running late for work by this point, I sent a picture message to my boss, and hoped he would understand what I had just been through, and forgive any tardiness.

I learned a valuable lesson today: always take the stairs.

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