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This weekend is the annual Taste of St. Louis, one of my favorite events in the city, and I was lucky to squeeze in a trip with a friend to the food festival Friday evening.

I’ve gone to this event in the past, and have yet to be disappointed by anything sampled, and this year’s visit was no exception.

Some of the best restaurants in the city come out with a small sampling of their menus and line the street, and making the decision of which places to try out is always the hardest part. After walking up and down the rows and inhaling the delicious scents coming from each of the booths, we finally chose three places we wanted to sample and went with chicken satay from a Thai restaurant, beef and veggie sambusa from an Ethiopian restaurant, and something called street tacos from a Mexican restaurant.

The choices of Thai and Mexican samplings weren’t very adventurous, but the food we sampled from those places was delicious. The Ethiopian one was something neither of us had tried before, and the tasty little stuffed pastries we each had were my favorite of the evening, so I was glad we were a little brave and tried something new.

Chicken Satay- tasty and just a little bit of a kick.

Sambusa- one beef, one veggie (lentils). My favorite, and I had to resist going back for more.

Street Tacos- pretty good, but hard to hold and a little messy. We ended up grabbing a seat on the sidewalk to eat these without spilling salsa all over ourselves.

I was a little nervous about attending the festival, since so many people show up for the event, and I’m sometimes a little wary about large crowds, but we had a great time and didn’t encounter too many drunken idiots wandering the streets.

In past visits, I’ve stuck to sampling just the food available and hadn’t stopped to check out the art booths or the carnival type games from some of the sponsors, but at the suggestion of my friend, we tried to stop at as many booths as we could, just to try to experience everything.

This suggestion was a good one, as several of the vendors were handing out quite a bit of swag, and who doesn’t like free stuff? At the end of the evening, we piled all of out freebies onto my table for a quick inventory, and I was amazed how much stuff was accumulated without us even trying.

I’m not even sure what to do with all of this stuff!

My favorite freebie: k-cup refills (for a Keurig coffee maker), which even though I don’t have that type of coffee maker at my place, some of my friends do, and I’m happy to share those goodies as long as I can brew a cup or two. 🙂

One last place we stopped by was the booth for The Cup, which had a variety of cupcakes for $2, and even though I’ve been there before, I couldn’t resist grabbing a box of some to-go, and plan on sharing them with some of my co-workers today… maybe.

A little of everything from The Cup.

The Taste continues until Sunday, so if you have some free time this weekend (and are in the St. Louis area), go check it out!

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    Looks like great loot

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