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Sometimes You Need to Act Like a Kid Again

A few weeks ago, one of my girl friends sent me the following screen shot, accompanied with a text asking: “This looks like fun, are you in?”:

Naturally, I immediately responded with a witty response along the lines of “Is the Pope Catholic? Of course, I’m in!”

Due to scheduling constraints for both of us, we weren’t able to use the deal right away as originally planned. We finally were able to use the Groupon today (Sunday), and it was quite an experience.

I can’t remember the last time I’d been on a trampoline (I was probably around 8 or 9 years old), but I did remember how much fun it was back then jumping around and doing flips.

The first couple of minutes after we’d arrived were spent filling out waivers and learning the rules of the place, which I continue to refer to as “Trampoline Land” instead of Sky Zone, then we were able to stow our belongings and start the jumping around business.

Once in the trampoline arena, we both started warming up with some high jumps and attempts at cheerleading style splits in the air. Pretty easy stuff, and very fun.

After a few minutes of practicing the same moves, we both decided to try our luck at doing a flip mid-air. Little kids all around us were doing these crazy flips left and right, so we figured it would be a piece of cake.

Oh, how wrong we both were about flips being easy. Her first attempt looked like it belonged in a Saturday morning cartoon, as mid-jump she started flailing her arms and appeared to be trying to run in mid-air, which was immediately followed by a less than graceful face plant.

I tried hard not to laugh, and waited until we knew she was okay and also laughing about the incident before laughing myself.

Then, it was my turn at a flip. I didn’t face plant or fall, but I also didn’t really manage a flip, more of a twist in mid-air that landed me on my booty on the mat.

After a few attempts, I was finally able to get over my fear of falling, and made a couple of successful flips. My friend Chelly was much more successful at the whole flip activity, and didn’t manage to recreate the comedic cartoon fall during the remainder of our visit.

We also spent some time in this ridiculously fun giant foam block pit, which is probably pretty similar to a ball pit, but with a softer landing surface, and with a method of entry in the form of a trampoline.

Neither of us cared that we were the oldest people there without children accompanying us.

And, despite the fact that trampolines are very bouncy and is doesn’t seem like a lot of work to jump on one, I learned a very important lesson, in that my entire body is a little sore from the activity, which is something that I never remembered from my trampoline jumping days of childhood.

It was still a lot of fun, and I’d definitely visit again (just not any time soon). A big thanks goes out to Chelly for finding such a fun way to spend an afternoon, and if you want to read her view of the event, click on over to her blog here.

When is the last time you were able to act like a kid and relive some old childhood memories?

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