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The Vanishing Email Phenomenon

A few weeks ago, I mentioned my multiple email accounts, and my ongoing project of eliminating some of the unnecessary ones. I’ve made some strides in that area, but it’s still a work in progress.

I have one account I’ve decided to keep, just for the purpose of mailing things to myself for later reference.

Several times a day, I’ll find interesting things online that I want to spend more time reading or researching later, and will send a link or a quick email to myself as a reminder.

Yes, I’m one of those strange people who emails themselves instead of using clever apps like Pocket, which I have even downloaded, but never used.

Most of the time, that message comes through without any problems, but sometimes, it seems like it’s been lost somewhere in cyber space and never shows up in my inbox. I know the message was sent to the correct address, because a copy of it exists in the sent mail folder, and I can still look at the information from there, but it bugs me to not know what went wrong in the delivery process.

A few times, I’ve found out that a message sent to someone else never made its way to their inbox, which was revealed after referencing something specifically from that message, only to have a look of “what the heck is she talking about?” on the other person’s face. Short of requesting a “message read” or “delivery receipt” from my email account–which is a little annoying for all parties involved– I have no way of knowing whether or not a message was ever received.

During the times when my phone (or whatever device I’m emailing from at the time) shows an obvious sign of malfunctioning, like yesterday when my phone power-cycled immediately after I’d hit the send button, I’ll either send a quick text or follow-up message to make sure the first one went through. It’s probably an unnecessary step, but I like to make sure what I’ve sent makes it to the intended destination, even if the message is silly or unimportant.

Email is a great tool for communication, and for the more verbose like myself, much better than text messaging, as there is no character limit to a message, and I feel like several topics can be discussed in the same message if necessary. Trying to carry on multiple conversation points over text messaging is insane and quite confusing from my own experiences.

The idea of a message just vanishing boggles my mind, and makes me wonder if it’ll ever show up. The most recent message this happened with was a few days ago, and so far, there are no signs of it, even in the junk and bulk mail folders. Maybe it’ll show up someday, but I’m not counting on it.

Has this phenomenon ever happened to you? Did it make you stop and think about what happened, or do you just shrug it off to yet another glitch in technology?

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