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Yes, Please: Being the Little Spoon

One of my favorite things in the world is cuddling.

When I was little, my favorite cuddle-buddy was my big sister, please excuse the obvious 1980s hair pictured here. :)

I’ve enjoyed being cuddled ever since I was a little kid, and it’s one of my favorite parts of relationships I’ve had as an adult. I sometimes feel awkward when trying to initiate a hug, or cuddle up, so an unexpected or unplanned snuggle, and even a surprise hug are always welcome in my book.

Lately, I spend most of my time cuddling with Jasper, and while he’s great, he’s still just a dog (and one who only sits still for a few minutes at a time normally), which means I’m never the “Little Spoon.”

If you’ve ever been the “Little Spoon,” you’ll realize that this is the best spot to be in. At least, if you’re like me and enjoy the comfort of having someone wrap their arms around you and get the feeling that everything will be okay as the result of a simple hug, you’ll understand that this is the best spot. Some people prefer being the giver of such comfort, so to each their own.

Earlier this year, my sisters and I had a sleepover together with one of my cousins the night before our brother’s wedding, and ended up attempting to share a full size bed that night.

Trying to relive some childhood memories, I fondly recall claiming the position of “Little Spoon,” sometime around three in the morning.

We were all a little slap-happy at this point, so my “dibs,” on this treasured spot were laughed about and we realized that it was pretty much impossible for us to all fit in the same bed and be able to sleep, so my sisters obliged my request for maybe a minute, then found more spacious sleeping accommodations (the eldest ended up in a sleeping bag on the floor).

Since that night, I’ve jokingly referred to my preference for LS status a few times when sitting next to either of my sisters. I always get eye-rolls from them for mentioning anything about LS, but I know the eye rolls are just another way of them saying they care and find humor in my statement.

Are you a cuddle-junkie like me? What’s your preference–big or little spoon– for spending an afternoon snuggled up together?

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