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Yes, Please: Five Great Things About Fall

The recent cooler weather we’ve had in St. Louis has made me very grateful that fall is right around the corner. I love the hot weather of summer, and the excuse to find the nearest swimming pool to escape the heat (of which there was no shortage of hot days this summer), but I also really love this time of year. I love fall so much that I’ve compiled a little list of some of my favorite parts of this season.

No need for an excuse to wear my favorite sweaters or hoodies! It’s finally cooled off enough outside to not receive strange looks for wearing my cool weather attire, which is often the case as I’m perpetually freezing pretty much everywhere I go. Also, as much as I like all of my summer clothes,  it’s nice to change things up and be able to pull my favorite faded sweatshirt out of the closet. I’m fairly certain that Jasper also enjoys the colder weather, and wearing sweaters too.

Pumpkin spice everything is back! Seeing the menu at Starbucks (and at other coffee shops) is almost a cause for celebration. Some people aren’t huge pumpkin fans, but I’m certainly not one of them, and actually enjoy a nice piece of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving dinner every year. With the amount of recipes including pumpkin I’ve found lately on Pinterest, I’m sure my kitchen will have a lovely pumpkin spiced aroma in the coming weeks from all of the baking I plan on attempting.

My friend Lauren in her finest peacock attire, me- the only time I’ll wear that red of lipstick (but it matched my shoes), and another friend, Stephanie as Rosie the Riveter.

Halloween! Dressing up and getting candy is fun for kids, but as an adult, I think I’ve enjoyed this holiday more. The last few years I’ve attended a costume party that happens a few weeks before October 31st, and it’s always a fun time seeing which guest has the most creative costume. My friend Lauren is one of the craftiest people I know, and her peacock themed creation was a true work of art.  I’m nowhere near her level of crafty talent, but I think my sailor girl last year was a good choice, even if it was just a store bought one. I’ve been brainstorming ideas for a better and hopefully more creative idea for this year, and am considering hosting my own party (that’s a big maybe though). Right now, the top contenders are a life-size loofah made out of tulle, or one of the trio from “rock, paper, scissors,” which requires a couple of willing accomplices to pull off.

Fall Activities! Seeing the leaves change (and start to fall off the trees) makes me think of hayrides, bonfires, apple picking, and snuggling up with a cup of hot tea or hot cocoa under a cozy blanket. I haven’t been on a hayride since I was in college and it was an event at a sorority-fraternity mixer, so I’m adding that to my fall bucket list for this year– I’ll probably regret this addition when I’m stuck picking hay out of my hair or covered in scratches from sitting in a cart filled with hay/straw, but it sounds fun in theory. 🙂

Being able to keep the windows open and the AC or heat turned off for a few weeks! A little fresh air is always a good thing, and I’m being energy and cost efficient at the same time. A win/win situation all around.

The return of new episodes of my favorite tv shows!  Okay, I realize this addition makes my list six items, but it’s worth mentioning. I’ve said before that I rarely watch tv anymore, but some shows are a must (Doctor Who, New Girl, and Once Upon a Time specifically) and I’m counting down the days until New Girl returns. While I haven’t paid that much attention to new series being launched this year, I did catch the pilot of The Mindy Project, which was pretty funny, so it’s also being added to my short tv watching list for now.

What are some of your favorite parts of fall?

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