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Costume Crisis

Last weekend I, along with countless others I’m sure, had to face the frightening decision of choosing a Halloween costume for a costume party. I always loved playing dress up as a kid, so every year around Halloween, I get excited about the possibilities for my costume, but then always end up frantically searching for […]

True Confession #3: Commitment Issues

Once I’ve set my mind to something, I am usually able to commit to whatever it may be until it’s finished. Recently, I’ve experienced a roadblock in my efforts to commit to something pretty minor: wall art or furniture for the empty walls in my apartment. My older sister helped me out a bunch in […]

Solo Will Not Suffice

Instead of writing what I originally planned for tonight, which was a recap of some Halloween fun (don’t worry it’ll come later this week), tonight’s entry is inspired by an email sent to me from an old high school friend. I mentioned reconnecting with some of my former classmates at my reunion, and my friend […]

The Three Worst Parts of Living Alone

Most of the time I really enjoy not having a roommate other than Jasper. No one is bothered when I have the sudden urge to clean in the middle of the night due to insomnia, or is kept up later than intended because they are waiting for me to finish a project or complete a […]

Pet Peeve #14: Workplace Drama

Earlier this week, I faced a potentially awkward situation with a co-worker over something pretty minor, and while I wanted to prove why my side was the correct one, I decided to hold my tongue and wait to fight this battle another day. This confrontation has been eating at me for the last few days, because […]

Gossip, Tattle-Tale, or Just a Concerned Friend?

Something I struggle with a lot is the sharing of information or gossip that I’ve heard. I love a juicy secret just as much as the next person (I assume), and when I hear something that I find particularly interesting, I have a compulsion at times to spread it around. Gossiping has definitely gotten me […]

What Your Kitchen Says About You

Have you ever stopped to think about what the contents of your cabinets, refrigerator, or just kitchen in general say about you? In movies, mainly romantic comedies, there always seems to be the scene where one person makes a perusal of their date’s medicine cabinet, and while the medicine cabinet can answer a lot of intimate […]

Driving Lessons: Rental Cars

Over the last year or so, I’ve spent quite a bit of time in rental cars, with needing one for a vacation in the spring, and currently have one while my car is being repaired after a recent car accident deemed my car unsafe to drive (apparently having only the emergency latch holding the hood […]

The Opposite of Baby Fever

Over the last couple of years I’ve witnessed most of my friends getting married, and in some cases starting their own families. I’m happy for each of them in the moment, but at times have also experienced a little jealousy or resentment, because these events haven’t happened for me yet, nor have they even come […]

Pet Peeve #13: YOLO

This little expression seems to be everywhere lately. The first few times I saw it on a t-shirt or an internet meme, I didn’t even care enough about what it meant to check Google for the definition, and figured it had to be something that came out of a reality tv show like Jersey Shore […]

Giving Back: Simple Way to Assist Your Favorite Non-Profit

Earlier today I came across a clever fundraising program that really impressed me. It’s probably been around for quite some time, but since I’d never heard of (or paid attention to it if I had) this program before today, I felt a post mentioning this program might be helpful to others who could utilize it […]

True Confessions #2: I’m Secretly (or not so secretly) an Old Lady at Heart

A running joke that seems to follow me not only at work, but also among various friends and family is that I’m secretly a 90-year-old woman trapped in the body of a 28-year-old. The jesting is always done in good fun, so I never get upset when referred to as “granny,” “g-ma,” or any other […]

Blame it on the Alcohol

When under the influence of a couple (or more) adult beverages, I think most people will do things that are a little out of their normal behavior. Knowing that I am in fact a lightweight when it comes to all things containing any alcohol, I have been a responsible imbiber for the most part since […]

Pet Peeve #12 :Why the Wait?

How long is too long to be kept waiting? As a person who likes instant gratification (I mean, really, who doesn’t like this?), I don’t always have the most patience when it comes to waiting. Sometimes I do a pretty good job of waiting, and when I know I have appointments that will have a […]

My Greatest Fear #3: Spiders

Earlier tonight, I was just minding my own business and browsing the web for some research on a project I’m thinking about starting, when my focus was completely interrupted by a monster who has decided to take up residence in my apartment. I saw it out of the corner of my eye, and after the […]

Run Like a Girl

Over the weekend, I participated in the Glow Run 5K, which was a lot of fun, but also a little bit of a learning experience. The last time I’d participated in a 5K run was about six years ago, and while I didn’t run that one, my sister Melanie and I jogged most of it… and […]

Yes, Please!: Running into a Familiar Face Unexpectedly

Thursday afternoon (or earlier today), I spent my afternoon volunteering for a 5K race (The Glow Run)  happening in St. Louis this weekend.  It was a fun experience, and something I would definitely do again if the opportunity arises. While helping out, I ran into an old classmate from one of my college classes. When we first […]

Nailed It: Guilt Free “Ice Cream”

A few weeks ago, I shared one of my attempts at recreating something I had found on Pinterest– the sock bun— and my miserable attempt at “mastering” the simple hairstyle. This evening, I tried to complete another pin, and had somewhat better results. A few days ago, someone had posted this supposedly “guilt free ice […]

Yes, Please: Girl Scout Cookies

It’s always a sad day when you get to the last of the cookies you have painstakingly rationed to last as long as possible. One day last week, I finally broke down and opened the last sleeve of my cookie ration from earlier this spring. Knowing that I won’t be able to acquire more Girl Scout cookies […]

Presentation is (almost) Everything

For most of my adult life, I’ve held jobs that are in the retail industry, and have spent countless hours working with customers. With so much experience under my belt, I’ve made quite a few observations that can help one be a more successful salesperson over the years. A big no-brainer is learning and mastering […]

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