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Blame it on the Alcohol

When under the influence of a couple (or more) adult beverages, I think most people will do things that are a little out of their normal behavior.

Knowing that I am in fact a lightweight when it comes to all things containing any alcohol, I have been a responsible imbiber for the most part since turning the legal age, and will usually cut myself off after a drink or two. On a few occasions (Mom, feel free to stop reading this anytime now), I have overindulged, but have never done anything really crazy or stupid.

Until this past weekend.

Earlier in the week, one of my friends and I decided a good plan for a Friday night would be to go out and have some tasty Mexican food together since neither one of us had other plans, and girl-time is usually always a win-win situation for all parties involved. Obviously, neither of us planned on just eating, because one of the best parts about going out to eat at a Mexican or even Tex-Mex restaurant, is the margaritas.

Tequila might be my very best frenemie.

Instead of making my clothes fall off like the song says, it just clouds my judgement more than any other alcoholic beverage, and makes me act in a very un-Katy-like manner.

Over the duration of our meal, and after drinking a glass– that was probably bigger than my head– of a margarita, we had a discussion about piercings and tattoos (there happened to be a piercer/tattoo shop next to the restaurant, which sparked our conversation), and when I mentioned I had always secretly wanted to get my nose pierced, my friend was more than happy to encourage me in this endeavor, and even get hers done as well. You know, for moral support.

I don’t regret my impulsive decision, but I was very afraid it would hurt, and am still a little afraid it’s going to cause trouble at work for me. And, that like my only other attempt at a body piercing, it will migrate out or become infected, which happened when I had my belly button pierced several years ago.

So far, the responses from friends and family members about my new jewelry have been mostly positive, although I’m still not sure my mom is happy about it, but since I’m almost 30, it’s my opinion of it that ultimately matters. I  was very nervous when I mentioned it in conversation to her, but thought trying to hide it would only cause more drama for me in the long run.

My tequila influenced behavior could have been a lot more scandalous, so maybe next time I’ll stick to something that doesn’t have as much of an impact on me, just to be safe. 🙂

What’s the craziest or most scandalous thing you’ve ever done while drinking?


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