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Giving Back: Simple Way to Assist Your Favorite Non-Profit

Earlier today I came across a clever fundraising program that really impressed me.

It’s probably been around for quite some time, but since I’d never heard of (or paid attention to it if I had) this program before today, I felt a post mentioning this program might be helpful to others who could utilize it as well.

While checking into different ways I could assist a local mission (Mission: St. Louis) that I’d heard about and become interested in from my church, I noticed a little link on their website under the “donate” section, which simply said “Shop at Schnucks.” If you aren’t from the St. Louis area, that’s a local grocery store chain, and since there is a location very close to my work, I often shop there.

This service called eScrip uses store loyalty cards that customers scan at the checkout to send donations to whichever charity, school, or non-profit the customer has designated when registering their loyalty card.

Having just really heard about this program today, I haven’t had a chance to set up an account or anything yet, and will probably do just a little more research before acting, but I’m very excited and impressed with how easy and helpful this program appears  to be.

According to the research I’ve found so far, the consumer doesn’t incur any additional charges when scanning their card, simply a portion of their purchase amount is donated to the organization from the merchant based on an agreement with the merchant, eScrip, and the receiving organization. I’m sure there are lots of other participating merchants, and charities participating in this program, and for someone like myself who already shops at a participating merchant, signing up for the program and choosing a preferred charity should be a no-brainer, and something I wish I had known about sooner.

If you want to learn more about either Mission: St. Louis, or the eScrip program, click the links above. I’m still on the quest of finding a good fit for a volunteer opportunity, and right now, Mission: St. Louis is at the top of my list, so hopefully I’ll be able to help out in a greater capacity with that organization in the near future (I have a lot of free time lately since I no longer have a ridiculously long commute to and from work and want to be able to give back somehow).

This fundraising concept seems really clever to me, and so far I can’t see anything negative about how the process works. I’m always interested in learning about new things like this, so if there’s something similar you’ve heard about that you want to share with me, feel free to leave it in the comments or send me an email with the information.

Sorry if tonight’s post is a little sales-pitchy– sometimes my years and habits I developed while being a salesperson takeover when I get excited about something new and interesting to me.

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