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Pet Peeve #13: YOLO

Earlier today, the overabundance of seeing and hearing this phrase struck a nerve when I saw a car with it on their license plate. Since I was stopped at the light, I seized the day and snapped a picture. Even the autocorrect on my phone thinks this is a silly expression, because it changed the title of the message I sent myself from YOLO to Tool– score one point for Siri today.

This little expression seems to be everywhere lately.

The first few times I saw it on a t-shirt or an internet meme, I didn’t even care enough about what it meant to check Google for the definition, and figured it had to be something that came out of a reality tv show like Jersey Shore (a show I can proudly say I did not even watch a single second of any episode before it was cancelled). Then, I actually heard someone say the phrase in a real conversation, so my curiosity was piqued.

You only live once.

It seems like a simple enough saying, and yes, it is true that you do only live once (unless you’ve undergone some trauma and had to be resuscitated, then technically, you’ve kind of lived twice), so it isn’t that different from the expression carpe diem (seize the day).

Except for the most part, the interpretation of YOLO isn’t to just seize the day, but it is used as an excuse (mostly by teenagers I think) to do stupid things, because, hey, you only live once.

Instead of taking extreme actions and engaging in careless or dangerous activities, wouldn’t it be better to use this motto to guide you into doing something that can actually make a difference somehow and impact the world in a positive way?

Sure, it’s okay to take some chances every now and then, and not regret a missed opportunity later on in life, but I still think some thought should be used before just going crazy and doing whatever you want just because you live by the YOLO motto.

You do only live once, so go ahead and make a difference, let your name be known for something other than making a viral YouTube video where you and your friends look like idiots.

What are your thoughts about this little phrase? Does it incite a response of annoyance when you see/hear it, or does it actually have some merit?

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  1. chellykay says:

    Ugh..I despise this term. It kind of makes me hate Drake for coining it. He’s too sexy to stay mad at though 😉

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