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Run Like a Girl

Over the weekend, I participated in the Glow Run 5K, which was a lot of fun, but also a little bit of a learning experience.

The last time I’d participated in a 5K run was about six years ago, and while I didn’t run that one, my sister Melanie and I jogged most of it… and then decided to walk back to her house afterwards, since she only lived about two miles from the finish line back then. Needless to say, both she and I were ready for a rest by the time we stumbled into her living room that day.

With the memory of my last “run” in mind, I started training just a little before the Glow Run, as I’m not much of a runner (definitely more of a walker), but felt like I should at least try to run or jog for part of the relatively short distance.

My training regimen still needs some tweaking to get me ready for anything more serious than the event I just completed.

Instead of just walking Jasper on our many daily walks, I did a hybrid of running/jogging with him for a few minutes, followed by walking for a few minutes. Attempting this method of running with my little dog wasn’t the greatest of ideas because he’s so little that he easily became tired, resulting in having to slow down or stop more than I wanted for him to catch his breath, and combined with the fact that he’s easily distracted by anything from a falling leaf to a passing squirrel or other dogs meant even more stopping.

My plan for training going forward is to just run by myself (with my headphones and some music) and not try to squeeze a workout into other tasks. This plan should work better for both Jasper and me.

Physically training aside, there were a few other preparations a few of my friends and I planned for our event. The organization that sponsored the Glow Run encourages participants to have fun, and even gives out awards for teams showing the most spirit, or for being the “glow-iest,” so we decided our race gear would not be complete without the addition of some whimsical neon colored tutus.

One entire day of my vacation last week was spent locating enough tulle at various craft stores across the St. Louis area, followed by endless hours of cutting up the fabric and assembling our tutus. The assembly portion of this simple craft project was fun for about the first five minutes, but if I never have to repeat the process I’ll be okay. 🙂

Since the event organizers encouraged people to dress up and go all out for race day, the massive crowd of other tutu wearing runners did not shock me in the least… until I saw a group of men donning the whimsical skirts. Unfortunately, I was unable to snap their picture, but did manage to take some others, which I’m happy to share.

Despite it being super cold outside, we had fun, and the next morning I was surprised to discover no soreness from the night before.

I may not be a real runner yet, but with any luck (and lots of training), I’ll be better prepared for the next run I decide to participate in…. and who knows, I might even set some new personal records– but I’ll probably have to leave the tutu and leg warmers at home for that feat. 🙂



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