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Solo Will Not Suffice

Instead of writing what I originally planned for tonight, which was a recap of some Halloween fun (don’t worry it’ll come later this week), tonight’s entry is inspired by an email sent to me from an old high school friend.

I mentioned reconnecting with some of my former classmates at my reunion, and my friend Shawn has overcome a lot of rough life changes recently and is trying to reinvent himself after a serious injury changed his life.

During my conversation with Shawn at the reunion, he shared the story of his fall from a significant height, shortly after receiving a promotion at his former work. Because of the severity of his injuries, and concerns about his brain function (he was unconscious for several hours before being discovered), he returned to Southern Illinois, to be in the care of his parents.

If he wouldn’t have shared his story with me, or shown me some scars, I would have never guessed that he had been through such a terrible ordeal, and from what I understand, he has made remarkable process so far.

Shawn emailed me earlier today to share an essay contest he has entered in, for the purpose of winning a scholarship to go back for a second degree.


After hearing his story and recovery process at my reunion, I’m eager to do whatever is possible to help this old friend get his life back on track.

If you have a few minutes, please go read Shawn’s short essay, and help out my friend by voting, or sharing it with others and spreading the word.

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