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The Three Worst Parts of Living Alone

Most of the time I really enjoy not having a roommate other than Jasper.

No one is bothered when I have the sudden urge to clean in the middle of the night due to insomnia, or is kept up later than intended because they are waiting for me to finish a project or complete a chapter of a book I’m reading. If I don’t feel like putting away laundry, or clean dishes for a day or so, it’s not a big deal to anyone but me.

Those parts of living alone are great.

The not so great things I’ve realized over the last few months make up a relatively short list. But, each item on this list can kind of be a big deal at times.

1. No one else is around to help me eat leftovers.  I like to cook on occasion, and despite my efforts to scale down recipes to just make a single serving, I always manage to have way too much food left over. I’m okay sometimes with eating the same meal a couple of times in a row, but most of the time, I end up throwing away tasty food just because I didn’t feel like eating it again.

2. I have to take care of spiders and other assorted pesky critters. This is one of the worst tasks, and when confronted with the spider issue not too long ago, I really wished I had a roommate to take care of it for me.

3. Sometimes I really need a hug at the end of the day.  My dog does a great job of being a good companion, but sometimes it’s really nice to have a friendly face around, especially after a long day. Even though I like spending time by myself, it’s nice having the company of another human being, even if all we are doing is sitting on the couch and watching mindless tv, or not even talking to each other. This might be the biggest complaint I have about living alone, and to supplement my lack of hugs, I usually end up phoning a friend when I need to feel like there is another person around, even though I don’t really have anything worthwhile to talk about.

Living alone can be pretty wonderful at times, but sometimes I do miss having someone else around.

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  1. I lived alone for a year, then moved into a house with 5 other people. I discovered I missed the same things you do – the bugs, the leftovers, the hugs. But I also like just knowing someone’s there; being able to find a person to chat with; and automatic hang-out people too. 🙂

    • Katy says:

      Was it a huge adjustment to suddenly being around that many people after living alone for a year? I’m considering looking into getting just one roommate when my lease is up (partly because of the being alone thing, but also because some of the new places I’m considering are a little more expensive and it’d be nice to offset some of those expenses by having a roommate), but am nervous about having a roommate (who would probably be a virtual stranger) sharing my space and being around my dog. Even though I have a couple of friends who would probably be suitable roommates, I think spending too much time together would ruin our relationship, which is why I wouldn’t consider that as a solution.

      • It surprisingly wasn’t that big of an adjustment. I think mostly because we all had our own rooms still – so you had “your” space that you could go to.
        And we had 4 bathrooms between 6 of us, so it wasn’t a disaster sharing a bathroom (which it wouldn’t be if you shared with one person, or some places might even give you two bathrooms!), and sharing a kitchen really isn’t that bad. Obviously some people do habits that can annoy the heck out of you (like I’m someone who like to wash dishes RIGHT AWAY and a couple of my roommates would leave their plates out for days), but for the most part those things are easy to get over -especially if they’re nice people!
        And if you live with a stranger, nothing says you have to be best buds with them, you know? So it’s nice because you guys could literally be “just roommates”!

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