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What Your Kitchen Says About You

Have you ever stopped to think about what the contents of your cabinets, refrigerator, or just kitchen in general say about you?

In movies, mainly romantic comedies, there always seems to be the scene where one person makes a perusal of their date’s medicine cabinet, and while the medicine cabinet can answer a lot of intimate questions about a person, because everything from their brand of toothpaste to preferred scent and brand of deodorant exist in that space, but I think the secrets held in one’s kitchen might actually tell more about a person.

About a week or so ago, one of my friends was over at my apartment, and since I’m pretty comfortable letting my friends make themselves at home, I didn’t mind when they went into my kitchen to get a refill of their drink.

There’s nothing in my kitchen to really be embarrassed about, but since I have a pretty small kitchen, a lot of my assorted kitchen gadgets are out on the counters or visible on a shelf, which means a quick glance shows a blender, a few bottles of wine, and three different methods for preparing coffee, which might be a little much, but I’m not ashamed of what any of those things say about me or my drink preferences.  After my friend left, I started thinking how I would have reacted differently if instead of it being just a friend, it were someone I was dating or considering dating.

Would I have been embarrassed by the fact that a quick look inside the fridge shows I have a variety of beverages (beer, wine, milk, water, juice and soda), fruits and vegetables, and a lot of different dairy products, but not much else? Sure, I have the basics, but other than a package of lunchmeat, the inside of my fridge looks like it did when I was a vegetarian.

Since deciding it was okay to eat meat again more than a year ago, I still find that it’s the last thing I think of when going to the grocery store. I’m a creature of habit, so most weeks, my list and the contents in my cart are identical, with the biggest variation being the flavor of yogurt or fresh fruit I’ve selected, and rarely will any raw meat (or really even any meat products) make their way home with me.

I’m still pretty squeamish when presented with the task of making fried chicken, meatballs, or even just browning some beef for spaghetti sauce, so I think when I make my lists and visit the store, I just ignore the whole animal flesh aisles and grab the protein sources I ate most often when I was a vegetarian. I like to eat all of those things, but actually making them is another story– if someone else is doing the cooking, I’m just fine with whatever is served.

With all of that being said, do the contents of your kitchen help define who you are? I’ve never judged my friends when looking through their fridge or cabinets (well, maybe just once when I was house-sitting for a friend and all they had left were frozen pizzas and cans of tuna, I did question their dietary habits), but wonder if others have formed opinions about me or others when presented with that first look inside a cabinet or the refrigerator.


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