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Yes, Please: Girl Scout Cookies

It’s always a sad day when you get to the last of the cookies you have painstakingly rationed to last as long as possible.

One day last week, I finally broke down and opened the last sleeve of my cookie ration from earlier this spring. Knowing that I won’t be able to acquire more Girl Scout cookies for several more months, and only then if I remember to pester my friends with the cookie connection, I savored each and every bite.

When I placed my order earlier in the year, I was on the fence over how many to purchase, and limited myself to just three boxes, which I planned on spreading out over the course of several months. My plan worked brilliantly, as hiding a box in the back of the cabinet meant I forgot about it, and had a pleasant surprise when I moved two months ago.

Instead of immediately consuming said box, I decided to wait for either a special occasion, or just for a day when I really needed a cookie. The other day, when I started feeling a little out of sorts and suspected a cold was imminent seemed like as good of an excuse as anything else, so I went ahead and opened them.

Once the sleeve was opened, I knew it was only a matter of time before the shortbread cookies– which are perfectly paired with a hot cup of tea– disappeared, just like the carmel-y ones and the thin mints, both of which were long gone.

I’m not sure what they put in those things to make them so addictive (it’s probably crack or some other illicit substance), but for some reason, the Girl Scout variety is superior to any store-bought imitation.

Now that the last of those cookies are gone, I’m faced with playing the waiting game until it’s time to order again, or will most likely just break down and search for a close substitute for the time being.

Next time, I think a larger order is inevitable, and I’ll just have to stash them away for a rainy day again.

Are you a cookie connoisseur? If so, what’s your favorite kind, and how do you think the Girl Scout ones stack up against the competition?


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