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Yes, Please!: Running into a Familiar Face Unexpectedly

Thursday afternoon (or earlier today), I spent my afternoon volunteering for a 5K race (The Glow Run)  happening in St. Louis this weekend.  It was a fun experience, and something I would definitely do again if the opportunity arises.

While helping out, I ran into an old classmate from one of my college classes.

When we first started talking, I think she was a little shocked or confused about how we knew each other, but quickly realized the class and then the Facebook connection, and we were able to have a little chat before she had to go on her way and before I needed to help out the next runner.

I hadn’t really spoken to her at all since our class ended, but since we are Facebook friends  I’ve read some of her updates whenever they’ve come across my feed. She and her husband are also in the process of adopting a child from Ethiopia,  and have subsequently started a blog about their process, so I’ve been reading her posts whenever something new is added.

Their story, and the steps they have gone through so far to be able to adopt are definitely worth checking out, and I always look forward to seeing new posts about their journey to becoming parents, so naturally, I mentioned how I enjoy reading their blog. Seeing her giant smile when telling me how excited they were about the process and their decision was great, and I was very thankful to have unexpectedly run into her today.

Running into a familiar face, and being able to catch up just a little was one of the highlights of my day, and I wish things like this would happen more often.

Has something like this ever happened to you, and made a difference in your outlook for the rest of your day?

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