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My Greatest Fear #4: Having a Strange Dream Come True

The other night I had one of the strangest dreams I’ve ever remembered, and the idea that it could happen was quite scary to me in the morning.

In this dream, the maintenance guys at my apartment were delivering and installing my new stove (something that is supposed to happen this week for real), and for some reason the “new” one didn’t fit, so they just left it in the middle of my living room and called it a day.

I doubt that will really happen, as the maintenance guys have so far been very professional when responding to my calls of distress since moving in, but the strangest part of the dream was the appliance itself.

Something like this is what I pictured in my dream.

Right now, my stove is the standard issue electric variety that I’ve seen in apartments of my friends, and is the same one I had in Tennessee when I lived there for a few months last year. The other day when the repair guy came over to replace a burner– apparently the burner catching on fire means it will no longer work properly– he mentioned that my apartment was already marked down as in need of a new one, as the current appliance is old and outdated.

Hearing that my little cooking accident from last week was no big deal and that I was actually going to get something new was pretty good news, which is probably why my dream that night was about the new stove.

Instead of picturing some bright and shiny high-tech stove, my subconscious inserted a much older model into my dream– something that would be more at home in the 1930s or 1940s. Those old stoves are pretty cool looking, with the rounded edges and hidden compartments, but my biggest fear with something so old is that the oven would be too small to fit cookie sheets or brownie pans inside.

This fear is completely irrational, as I am sure that my new stove will be modern (with a normal sized oven), and that it won’t be left in the middle of my living room when they bring it.

But what if my strange dream comes true?

I’d be totally screwed, and I guess I’d have to figure out a way to decorate around the new addition.

On the plus side, if this really happened, that empty wall would finally have something to fill the space. 🙂


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