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Pie, Oh My!

One of my favorite parts about holidays is being able to get together with my family and spend some quality time with them. The big holidays (Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving) are celebrated at my Grandma Rose’s house, with quite a few people and always a ton of food.

The food at family gatherings is one of my favorite parts of the day… especially the desserts since I have a giant sweet tooth.

This year is going to be a little different, as some of my extended family members are travelling, making the crowd much smaller than normal. Despite a much smaller group attending, we’re still planning on the traditional dinner, followed by our annual name drawing for the Christmas Eve present exchange.

In an effort to alleviate some of the stress placed on my grandma of preparing a big holiday meal all by herself, most of the people who are attending will be bringing a dish of some sort. Or, in the case of my brother and his wife, they will be making the turkey early tomorrow morning over at Grandma’s house.

Over the weekend I was assigned the task of bringing one pie for my contribution– my lemon meringue.

My grandma is a pretty excellent cook, especially when it comes to desserts, so having her tell me how much she enjoys this pie when I make it was a huge compliment.

Not to toot my own horn too much, but I do make quite a great lemon meringue pie, which only seems natural as it’s my favorite flavor pie. There’s something about the combination of tart lemon mixed with the sweet topping and textures that always makes this pie my first choice on my dessert plate.

Eager to please my grandma, I added baking the pie to my weekly to-do list, but once I had the idea of baking in mind– and actually started baking– I may have gotten a little carried away.

Instead of a single pie, I ended up making four.  Oops.

In addition to the lemon pie, I decided to make the traditional pumpkin, a sweet potato pie (made with potatoes grown at my parents’ house), and I experimented with a hybrid strawberry cobbler/pie.

My kitchen (and whole apartment) smelled so good that I couldn’t resist having a sample of one, so I went with my experimental strawberry pie. I’m very glad that I did so, because something was a little off with the end result, and I won’t have to worry about subjecting my relatives to that creation.

I’m confident that the others will all be delicious, and will be removing the temptation of so many delicious treats from my place tomorrow.

I probably should have warned my grandma that I’m bringing more than what I was assigned, but I’m sure they will get eaten by someone, and if not I can always take the leftovers to work.

I’m quite looking forward to my annual piece of roasted turkey with all of the trimmings tomorrow. And the pie, always the pie.

What’s your favorite holiday food? Are there certain traditions your family practices every year?

I was pretty proud of how nice each of my pies turned out, so I apologize for making any taste buds water too much from the pictures I’ve added of each pie. 🙂


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