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The Perfect Present for the Person Who Already has Everything

It’s still a little early to start Christmas shopping, but after Thanksgiving is over– game on.

I’ve started thinking about different presents I want to get for the people on my list, and was recently reminded of a great resource to shop for people who already seem to have everything– Vat19.com.

I haven’t purchased anything from here before, but I probably will at some point because it’s a company based out of St. Louis, and they put a unique twist on the items they sell by creating videos for each product and then posting the videos on their own YouTube channel.

An added bonus for me to shop there is that I actually know a couple of the employees from my church, so in the event of a problem I’d have an inside source to help out. Based on the reviews of other shoppers, that’s something I shouldn’t have to worry about though.

If you’re curious about some of their videos, check out this one for a giant soccer ball (perfect for the soccer enthusiast in your life), but make sure to watch it to the end, as there’s a special scene after the credits… just like a Marvel movie.

I wasn’t intending for this post to sound so sales-pitchy, and really just wanted to share the awesomeness that is the soccer ball video (and their other creative videos), but seriously go check out their website if you’re stumped for some creative gift ideas this holiday season. 🙂


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